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    Published in Paint Contractor magazine

    An article I wrote for Paint Contractor magazine.
  2. PressurePros

    New Pressure Washing e-magazine brought to you by the UAMCC

    HOT OFF THE PRESSES is the Pressure Washing News, the new industry e-zine/blog that will keep you tuned in to current events that affect our industry. Our team of volunteer writers will work together to bring you the latest news about environmental issues, new tools and products, as well as...
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    You go, boys !

    New forum looks great !
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    Wow.. new banner at the top of page

    I don't know if everyone sees it at the same time but there is a banner for a company called Service Mountain. Their byline is "Take you service business to the top" I am the king of not spell checking my posts and randomly inversing letters in a word but "take you service business to the...
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    I'm Still in Shock

    Get a load of this. I guess I know where I stand with old Everett Abrams. The irony of the whole situation is manyfold. This is the spokeperson/leader for the PWNA. A group that has a website and message board and Mr Abrams also has his own forum on...
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    I'm Out - spinner for sale

    Stainless duct spinner, 6" O.D fixed. Flawless condition/operation New over $250, yours for $100.