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    Pressure Cleaning School II

    I would recommend this school. I attended and had a great time learning different cleaning techniques.
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    Sidewalk Cleaning Houston

    I will never understand why people/businesses will pay almost anything for the inside, but will not spend a dime to keep the outside clean. Looks great.
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    Dream Host Scam be careful if you are considering using them

    Looks like they have a lot of bad reviews. Thanks for the heads-up.
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    Houston Texas Roundtable Luncheon

    It has already started. Do you still have room? Looks like a can make it.
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    Houston Texas Roundtable Luncheon

    Yep, Amra arrived Thursday night @ 2208 | 8.8lbs. | 19.5" long eye-lashes and a full head of hair. No wonder wifey stayed sick. And I have not stopped moving since delivery.
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    "10 Must-Haves for Road Warriors"

    Great article, but I prefery Samsung Galaxy Tab 7". I keep it in a wallet holster under my arm (some say it resembles a sidearm) for convenience. It allows me to take notes, pictures and even credit cards. It's the perfect size for entrepreneurs.
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    Thermostat on Hot Water Skid

    I always use mine. Every job is different.
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    Houston Texas Roundtable Luncheon

    I will solidify reservation if our baby arrives with no complications. We are due on around 4/15/2012.
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    "HOT" fix for leaking radiators

    Not sure if this is the right place to post. If you have a small leak in your radiator, just add approx. 2 teaspoons of ground black pepper for a temporary "HOT" fix. Drive it around to get up to operating temperature, let it cool back down and inspect. You may need to add another teaspoon if...
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    Need a new hose swivel

    Mark, Do you have the documentation for them? Also where are the model numbers stamped? For some reason I do not see any on mine.
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    Need a new hose swivel

    I just installed one of these last year and so far no issues to report. Just wish they would add this to their inventory of parts online. I would like to purchase a spare or two. The store wanted me to bring it in for service and install it themselves, but I told them that I was on a job and...
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    Damage???????????????new pictures 02/12/01

    Please re-post the pics - thanks
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    Need Distributors for New Product

    Thank you Mr. Hugill
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    Roof Cleaning Houston

    Awesome job
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    Powerwash Insurance Carriers

    Who are you insured by and have they actually taken care of you when needed? Also does anyone know of a group policy that we could all get on to reduce rates? Times are tough and saving money should be everyone's priority. I'm asking this because I see no threads on this topic - just curious...
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    Surface Edger

    Too funny.
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    door hangers

    I am also thinking about doing this. I just hate knocking on doors period. Maybe why I don't get as much as I should.
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    SparkleBlast has joined the forum

    Thank you sir
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    Mr. Musgraves, Can you re-post your photos for this thread...

    Mr. Musgraves, Can you re-post your photos for this thread: Thank you sir, Dave
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    Pressure Washing Townhome Houston Texas

    Nice work... I need to learn about this low pressure method.