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    Albany Seminar coming up--Sadly to say we are giving up our seats there.

    Was sorry that I didn't see you there, John. It was another good one.
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    Need Distributors for New Product

    Rick, this is a business you are trying to launch and make successful so I will be candid. The website has 90% of things you should never do when selling a product. 1. Confusing looking design and navigation. It is not eye pleasing. 2. Multi size fonts with varying boldness 3. No selling of...
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    Wolman versus Ready Seal!

    Armstrong Clark Deck Stain Here is an older video using some Armstrong sealer. I don't like the colors as much as I do the Baker's but the product is nice with better coverage rates on verticals.
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    Wolman versus Ready Seal!

    Thanks, Doug. OTM is great for throwing together quick and simple videos. I have used Baker's for awhile now. We generally do two topcoats on all horizontal surfaces whether we use Bakers or something more expensive like Armstrong so the cost for usage is hard to beat. The Baker's holds up...
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    Wolman versus Ready Seal!

    Baker's here.
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    Snail Mail - A thing of the past?

    With EDDM, you can send letter-size postcards for 14 cents apiece. I haven't done yet but you can imagine the postman will wrap people's mail with it so your piece is very noticeable.
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    Trex Decking

    Messmer's makes a great stain for composites. Returns the natural stick color.
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    Simple Cherry mix...

    I don't use it for house washes but do on composite decks. You make a concentrate in warm water and it lasts indefinitely. We use maybe a half gallon in a five gallon bucket mix so one 55 mixed at the beginning of the season usually carries us through. Its a great house washing surfactant mix...
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    Did Delco Go Out of Business??

    I wonder if Orange Crest is still in business 10 years later.
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    Did Delco Go Out of Business??

    I've never heard of them. Vacuum company, you say? They should sell reclaim gear ;-)
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    van or trailer????????????

    Vans for me. I sleep better knowing guys aren't maneuvering through the densely packed area I service with a rig. 600,000 people (not counting Philadelphia's 1m+) packed into a 20 mile radius. I have my vans laid out with a 10 gpm machine, 110 gallon reserve, roof pump, 40 gal chem tank, and...
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    Pressure Washing in Berkeley, CA

    Not that I have never dropped the ball and missed out on jobs because of a forgotten call or missed message because I have, but.. I hear that very often from customers.. "you were the only guy to call back". Wall looks great, Los.
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    A Message to Ron and the Future BOD's of the UAMCC

    I'll be across town watching it on satellite.
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    If you had a Crystal Ball.........

    I consulted my Magic 8 ball and when I asked it, it shattered into a million pieces. It was made in China though, so probably a fluke. ;-)
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    BBS Recommendation?

    Bob's forum software is Another free, open source is phpBB • Free and Open Source Forum Software Both can be skinned and modded. You may be best to let someone set them up as no matter which you use, you have to build a database. Its not difficult, but it can...
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    Help - Fiber Cement siding

    Thanks, Calob. To date, that still remains one of the toughest house washes I've encountered.
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    Contest - win $50.00

    Los, I'm a little short this week, can you help a brother out? ;-)
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    Removing sealant from a sprayer

    Its best to build the $30 into the price of the job and scrap it afterwards. Not the most ecologically sound practice but with the price of spirits and the labor involved in cleaning (with results you may not like) its really not worth going through the hassle and expense of cleaning.
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    Marketing consulting

    I guess one of my issues is the above lead in, and then dropping the $11,000 bomb needed to get that help. I hope you can understand where I am coming from. I've never heard your name in the industry, you have listed one local company that you "helped", you don't do this type of thing for a...