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    Nozzle maintenance / Pressure Washers

    Here is a picture of tips. If you notice, the tip on the far left is brand new. As you go down the line, the openings get bigger and bigger. When the openings get bigger, that means that you are going to start losing pressure. The volume of water remains the same But it is the difference of...
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    Deposit Removal 101

    deposit removal I know that you are going to all be shocked by this, but the basic reason that we operate power washers is to remove undesired elements, dirt, oil, mildew or mold, from a surface or substrate. When these things are adhering to a surface, they are forming an electrostatic bond...
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    Facebook and UAMCC

    FYI, the UAMCC now has a facebook page. It is open membership, so if you would like to join, search "UAMCC" and sign up. Invite all the contractors that you know.
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    Buying Equipment

    I am currently buying used equipment. I am in need of two hot water wash rigs, recovery equipment is a plus, though not required. Please E-mail me if you have something that might meet my specs. Scott Stone
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    Happy Birthday Delaney!!!

    COngratulations Dan, you have just passed your first year of sleepless nights. I figure with the new one on the way, you have a minimum of about 20 years left. Congratulations on joining most of the rest of us. Scott Stone
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    Pave Clean Demo

    I was curious about Pave Clean. So I demo'ed it myself. The goal was to see if it actually worked, or if it was a cover up. So here is the before picture. The second picture is an after picture. You will notice that I split the oil spot right down the middle, and I was doing it on Red...
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    A test

    A test to see if this works here <body onUnload=alert('just a test')">
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    A true story

    Well, I have a story that is true. The other day I was in my office and was talking on the phone. The back door was open, and I was busy just getting stuff done. Pretty soon, I heard a commotion in the other room. I heard pounding on the walls and my dog was going ballistic. I...
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    Flying the flag

    I saw a Classic. Near the yard that I work out of there is a river bottom that is on the edge of an Indian Reservation that is pretty much undevelopped. There is a narrow strip of land between the river and the Freeway. Homeless people have taken up residence in this strip, and have built...
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    Pushing The Fluids

    A gallon of Water? I for the first time tracked my liquid intake last saturday. It was a warmish day, about 107 and the humidity was up a little, I think the dew point was around 62. Anyway, between the Water, 2 gallons, Gatorade, 4 gallons and one Sprite that I drank that day it totalled 6...
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    okay Wiz, how much HP does an extra alternator take from the motor? Scott Stone
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    Has this ever happened to you?

    I was washing police cars this morning. My pressure hos got caught under a tire. As I was pulling on the hose to get it loose, the pressure spiked. There goes Scott doing a Superman routine in a parking garage. One of my guys said I went three or four feet in the air, and flew about...
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    Hardest Fields to get into

    Dan asked me to repost this so it would not be under his name. John/Clean County PW Gold Member Posts: 168 From:N.Y. Registered: Mar 2000 posted May 01, 2001 12:09 AM Staff Use Only: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Which...
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    Okay, top this day

    Start 3:30 am to go wash trucks. Drive 1 1/2 hours to the first job site and one of the pressure washers won't start. So I start up the reliable one with the honda engine and start heating it up, with the hot water. Get it started and we go to two seperate yards. About an hour and a half...
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    Something that I noticed

    Is it just me or has anyone else noticed that with the recent self imposed exile of a couple of contributors that the word wars have stopped?? Okay, Ron has not posted any of his thought provokers for a while, but it is still kind of back to the old level of professionalism...
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    So what is your dream Rig??

    Okay, on to a more mellow subject. What is your dream rig, when cost is no object, and what is your dream rig when cost is important. I have two rigs, that are basically the same in setup, but one is on a flatbed and the other is on a trailer. The truck that I drive is a 2000 Ford Super...
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    Motor took a dump

    Okay John, I have a 20 horse Honda motor that died last night. It was running fine then all of the sudden I heard a wir like a puley was touching the backing plate of the washer, and about a minute later I heard a plink sound and then it died. It turns over, it is getting fuel and there is no...
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    Time of year

    well it is that time of year. Time to set some goals for you and your respective businesses. So what are they going to be and how are you going to quantify what you do. Here are soem suggestions. 1. Increase sales 2. Increase margin on sales. 3. Work fewer hours 4. Increase efficiency 5...
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    CWG Update

    Dec. 1 deadline set in Car Wash Guys case WASHINGTON - The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and mobile franchisor Car Wash Guys International have a little more than a week to keep the FTC's misrepresentation suit against the company from going to trial. According to Elizabeth Grant, of the...
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    More CWG gossip

    It is not really gossip. The FTC on Monday put The carwashguy International on their top ten DOTCONS list. This is a PDF File that verifies it. They are about halfway down on page 12 or 13. There is really not any information except for a...