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    Cleaning agents

    After aprrox. 8 months in this business, I am still searching for a reliable chemical mixture for hoiuse washing. Up to now, I have been using a mixture of bleach and liquid Tide applied through a downstream injector. I am not satisfied with this mixture. I feel the bleach is too weak at times...
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    Chemical questions

    Anyone use any products from Zep? I was thinking of trying their general purpose or citrus cleaner for house washing. Do any of you use 12% chlorine? I am also thinking of trying this in order to more efficiently remove alge/mildew. I am concerned about the dangers of high chlorine. I was told...
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    House washing-Limonene

    I just recently used Limonene for the first time. It seemed to work pretty well especially removing dirt. However, on areas of thick algae/mildew, it did not work well. We had to use bleach in addition. Also, the Limonene dried on several windows. We had to use an abrasive glass cleaner to...
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    Surface cleaner info.

    Could some of you spare some educational info. on concrete cleaners? Lately, my surface cleaner has been pi**ing me off. I have a Landa surface cleaner, and a Landa hot water unit--3500psi, 5 gpm. Unless I walk very slow, my unit doesn't seem to clean well. Either stripes or a path of unclean...
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    Estimate help

    Please help me out. I am working on a bid to clean the vinyl of a new apertment complex. This is post construction. We need to remove paint, mortar, mud, etc. The area of vinyl to be cleaned is 1400'x 30'=42,000 sq. ft. A lift will be needed-probably. Any advice on how or what to bid, and what...
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    Brick patio/walk

    Any advice on most efficient way to clean a red brick patio with gray mortar? Lots of mildew and algae. How would you bid? Also, need advice on how to best clean a white brick, light colored mortar entrance to an office building. Lots of black due to high foot traffic, plenty of gum. Type of...
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    Washing painted wood surfaces

    What do you use to wash painted wood surfaces such as siding, eaves, spindles, etc.? Many homes in the area I live have old wooden window frmes which leak. I usually have to use a brush to clean them because we can't use too much pressure. What chemicals do you recommend? Any other tips or...
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    Cleaning around greasy dumpster

    I am in the process of cleaning the area around a dumpster at a restuarant. The dumpster has been leaking grease for some time. The grease is very heavy and thick. I tried using a shovel to get up some of the grease. The grease is caked onto the surface. I use hot water. What do you recommend to...
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    Ivy vines

    Can anyone recommend a way to remove vines from brick and wood? I have a house to clean which has vine roots attached to painted brick and extends onto the wooden painted porch ceiling. There are no leaves. Can anyone help? Thanks! Maz, La. ------------------
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    Pump sprayers

    Can anyone recommend a good pump sprayer? Other than using the chemical injector, what can be used to spray chemicals long distances and quickly? Thanks! ------------------
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    Other than bleach, what can be used to remove mildew and algae from siding? I use bleach regularly; however, there are times when I feel the bleach isn't strong enough. What is recommended to lift dirt from siding? Sometimes, I notice a gray stain left on vinyl overhang which I am unable to...
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    Unit will not start

    I have a Landa hot water unit. Sometimes the unit will not start-I turn the key and nothing, not even a click. We get it started by using jumping cables. I thought it may be a dead battery; however, I had it tested and it was good. The battery and my unit are only 4 months old. Any suggestions...
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    Clean and seal concrete

    I have a customer who wants rust removed from the sidewalks and driveway, and wants the concrete sealed in order to reduce the chances of the rust returning. The concrete has a lot of rust which is coming from the ground. What do you recommend to remove the rust? What is a good sealer? I have...
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    Gum removal

    What is a good nozzle for removing gum? I use hot water and have experimented with 15, 0, and turbo nozzle. I am trying to find a more efficient way to remove the gum, and is ther a particular way to direct the nozzle at the gum for faster removal? What is good to remove the stain left behind...
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    Cleaning concrete

    Just recently finished cleaning the walkway of a strip mall. Cleaning include the removal of gum. The job had to be done after hours and there was very poor and little to no lighting. In my opinion, the job looks like s***! Maybe I am too much of a perfectionist. I went back the next day to view...
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    Cleaning strip mall

    I just landed a job which consists of cleaning the walkway around a strip mall. Gum removal is required. 13,000 sq. ft. I know how to clean concrete, but this is a larger job than i usually do. In order to be more efficient, should I use hot water over the entire area or just for the gum...
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    Educating myself

    Where can I find info. on nozzle sizes and how they affect pressure and the distance of spray? I am a little confused as to how this works. Also, where is info. on chemical injector ratios(ex. 1:8, 10:1, etc.)? I am not educated on this either. Thanks! Maz
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    Pricing advice

    I am going to be giving a bid on the cleaning of the walkway around a large stripmall. It will require gum removal. Can you give me some advice on how much to charge per sq. ft.? We are using a hot water unit and concrete cleaner. Thanks! Maz
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    Surface cleaners

    Is it just our surface cleaner or do surface cleaners in general clean better on the outside of the path than in the center? At first we thought it was from overlapping, but after testing, we see that is not the case. Any insight? Thanks! Maz
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    I use a mixture of bleach and liquid tide when washing vinyl siding and overhang. However, I occasionally have problems with the mixture not removing the algae/mildew. Sometimes, instead of just rinsing the house, I have to use pressure(get nozzle close to area being cleaned) in order to get...