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  1. Mike Hughes

    It's been a long time.....

    Hi there, everyone! I was inspired to visit this board today when I received a "Happy Birthday" email from the PWI board. It occurred to me that I never updated my email address on this board, so that would be why I didn't receive the same email from here. So, here I am. I thought I...
  2. Mike Hughes

    1989 Ford E-350 Box Truck For Sale

    I am selling my box truck. Lately all it has been used for is gutter cleaning, which I can do with any size van........I dont need this big of a truck. It's a 1989 Ford E-350, 5000 miles on a rebuilt 351 V8 (gas) engine, Automatiic, 145K, 14' box, white in color. Dual rear wheels, roll up...
  3. Mike Hughes

    font size

    Just curious, why is the writing so big on this board all of a sudden? Perhaps you could make it a second style set so those who don't need it so large can have it their way. I'm not complaining, but just making an observation.
  4. Mike Hughes

    Defaut forum view

    When I logged on today, the board was only showing me the posts from the "last day". That is a function that can be changed in the user cp, which I promptly did........... Is the board set that way? Or was my preferences just screwed up somehow? (I've never changed them)...
  5. Mike Hughes

    2000 posts!

    First to break 2000 posts! Damn, I guess I talk too much![098]
  6. Mike Hughes


    Member of the day today is Spraymasters......... Dennis and Gloria, are you out there???
  7. Mike Hughes

    Washing in cold temps

    I will be washing a few trucks here and there this winter..........fuel oil delivery trucks. Most of the wash days will be fairly cold. What steps do you take to protect the trucks from freezing, such as the locks. I've heard suggestions like shooting some WD-40 into the...
  8. Mike Hughes

    test for sign.

  9. Mike Hughes

    Sub Categories for Marketing Codes

    I would like to create sub categories for marketing codes. For example, I like to keep track of contractors that refer work my way, I have a few that do, the main code would be "Contractors" then I want to create sub codes for each seperate contractor, so that they...
  10. Mike Hughes

    Welcome Back, PWN

    Welcome back PWN! I like the color selector........thats pretty cool. Some of the fonts are hard to read, other then that it looks good so far. Does it show a different color button when a forum contains an unread post? It needs to be a different color, not just a different...
  11. Mike Hughes

    Chat Room

    Pop in the chatroom tonight......Friday............see who's around. See if this link works.....
  12. Mike Hughes

    Up front money

    In another thread, it was mentioned about requiring percentages up front. My take on this, is that I dont charge them anything until I have done something for them. I require 50% at time of cleaning, and the rest at completion..........and I don't complain if they don't pay right...
  13. Mike Hughes

    Today's project

    Cedar deck, was faded to gray, one year old. Used a mild stripper followed by brightner on Monday. Sealed by hand with Ready Seal Natural Cedar today. This job had almost every factor to make it difficult...........elevation, concrete at the bottom of the steps, brick...
  14. Mike Hughes


    Anyone get to see some good fireworks displays in the last few days? We go to one that is not usually on the's always on Sunday night (last night). Its a few towns over, free, and is one of the best ones in the area. It was my son's first time seeing...
  15. Mike Hughes

    102 degrees

    Ok, this might be normal for you folks in warmer places, but it got up to 102 degrees this afternoon, and its currently 101, and humid. It has been over 90 degrees for days now......its driving me nuts! Needless to say, I made it a short day today.
  16. Mike Hughes

    Suggestive postcards

    I got a job washing an end unit townhouse, and I am sending this to all of the neighbors (about 40 houses). I'll let you know how it works out.
  17. Mike Hughes


    I just got a catalog in the mail from "MaxTool" and it looks pretty good. I didn't compare it to northern.......but overall I was impressed with the catalog. They have a 10' x 20' canopy in there for covering boats, trailers, etc for only $99!
  18. Mike Hughes


    Chris, I would like to see the ability to store digital photos right on a customers record, and be displayed as thumbnails. Similar to a program called PhotoAct does for ACT! For example, lets say I have four pictures of a customers house saved on my hard drive..............I...
  19. Mike Hughes

    The shoemaker's kid goes shoeless......

    This should probably be in Shoot the Bull.........oh well....... Well, I did something pretty rare these days...........did some work on my own house!! I've been too busy lately to pay much attention, however, next weekend my wife and I are hosting a block I had...
  20. Mike Hughes

    Happy Birthday

    [hbd] Happy Birthday, John (Clean County). [hbd]