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    Removing Tire Dressing & Armour All

    A-plus is correct. Silicon, one sprayed on unseald cement is their forever. Dont ever use a cement sealer that has silicon in it. Jay at V_SEAL can tell you all about this prob. If you read the lable on the product's you listed, it tell's you not to use over cement. Concrete re-finnishing is...
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    Question on setup with tank

    One thing about "pulling water" if you dont prime the feed line you, you start out sucking air. This will cause damage every time you loose a prime or accidently run it dry. I suggest that you plumb in a way to prime the feed line. A simple y with a garden hose connector fitting will do. $5...
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    Opinions needed on new Pressure washer

    i dont think you can get 8 gpm from a 18 hp engine. Where would you pull that amount of water from? "no need for hot water" no such thing unless you only wash wood. Go with the hot water skid and a second cold water unit for rinseing.[cold water unit can be less pressure-more gpm] This...
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    Questions & Comments about Starting A New Business

    albert, $125 to wash a house. First you talk to the customer on the phone 10 min drive their and look at job and give est.[drive their and back,plus selling time] 40 min. cust. must talk to spouse. You dont get the job. Another cust call's. Same thing but you get the job and must return to...
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    Dirty Truck and Trailer

    i trashed a paint job on my pick-up because i did'nt use 150 ft of pressure line and park upwind. Took all day to polish out the HF damaged windshield. Even caustic soap's will do damage after a while. I now use a polish called "liquid glass" on the paint and windshield.
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    and if the label said 40 to1 and it was a powder? This is a test. Thank you and good night.
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    Newbie Starting Out

    buy new equipment and used trailer's and truck's. not the reverse. $4000 trailer and a $12,000 pick-up, or a $6000 used box truck your way better off with a used box truck in my opinion. check out ebay.
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    Ice blasting,dryice

    larry, from what ive read dry ice blasting is big money for equipment and mostly indoor work. Food mfg. ,industrial equipment,chemical plant's,ect... ive seen the vidio's of this equipment in use and it's awsome but slow.
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    concrete cleaners & g.p.m. ratings

    the plumbing may be to small to handle the gpm. it might restrict the flow and overwork the unloader even with bigger tip's.
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    Galvanized caged tank

    i bought a float valve and drilled a hole in the top side of the tank as the feed. Then i used GOOP[plumber's type from HD] and a FERNCO rubber fitting[also from HD] to attach to the outlet of the tank. Then i made up a PVC pipe[1 1/2"] with a T to supply two wash unit's. I find the gray...
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    leaching chems from pt wood

    Hi APLUS< I would bet that the mix you mentioned ACQ would make one heck of a roof cleaner? A spray on and leave type. Quat's has been used to control alge for a long long time. Maybe replace the ammonia with some zinc.
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    Hi mark i was under the impression that they dont make the 606 anymore and now just have the 607? Wont really matter to me because it work's great for me.
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    leaching chems from pt wood

    jeff, their are a number of artical's about this subject on the net. Sealer is the reccommended fix. If you are useing a parrifin wax based sealer, then yes the wax burn's off[thompson's is notorius for this and concidered CRAP by 99% of professional's] A penetrating oil based sealer is best...
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    leaching chems from pt wood

    pressure treated wood was made with CCA COPPER CHROMINUM ARSINIC a GOOD CLEANING AND A QUALITY sealer will be just fine. They now use a diffrent chem to replace the arsinc. Dont sell on fear. Sell on the quality of your work. You surely can mention how b ad mold is for your health as a...
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    Citric Acid for fleets

    they have citric based truck wash that you can use with your 2 stepping. It is great on house's also. Zep as a degreeser that is a citric based cleaner and nothing cut's tar or oil better. It is very very costly. Make darn sure you dont let any citric based cleaner dry on glass.
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    Rigging up a stain sprayer

    you can see a pro built one at way too much money but it show you what your talking about.
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    New Years Eve !!

    A new year. A time to reflect and think about what is REALLY important in your life. One year less to do the thing's you've allway's wanted to do. One year closer to not haveing a new year. Time to think about how well you really have it, compared to other's. Before the new year take some...
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    Briggs engine life

    Mr Young if you were to your wash unit at full tilt for that meny day's why would you care about a $800 motor once a year? You want the best just get a kabota diesel No more gas can's. Will last for year's and year's. Their was a real nice wissconson diesel unit on ebay for $4500 that i was...
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    Briggs engine life

    you know and i know that their are a ton of vairable's that would apply. What size pump it's running? Is the rpm set perfectly? Is it in a enclosed trailer or open[cool air mean's a lot] When you say "reg maint" did you enclude adj the push rod's? Most skid unit's are useing the full...
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    Shopping Carts

    easy. Do 24 cart's as a demo. Then check your time,travel,fuel consumption,insurance cost's,any reclaim cost's,how meny day's it take's you to get the check,and add 10% to that for maint cost's. Then ask yourself "would I pay that price to have them washed?" If yes, then when you hand in...