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    Time staining deck.

    Ken just knew that when you asked for a genius.... you had to be asking for him ! [wsmile] Ever helpful and always appreciated !
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    LLC or sole proprietor?

    What state are you in?
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    hello everyone

    Hello and welcome. There is alot of useful information here and with patience almost any question you have will get an answer. The people here really care about our industry and , I believe, are assisting everyone to maintain cross county quality. Kudos to everyone!
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    hIGH $ CHEM

    Seems a little steep to me as well. However, I would be inclined to try it for areas that were stubborn, if it really works. If it makes my clients happy and they are willing to cover the expense I will do ALMOST anything.
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    Replacing Old Pump... Help please!

    Yeah I managed to get it off with no problem once I gave it some clear thought. I was tired and had a very busy week coming up so I was working with a fog in my head. Hey, I appreciate you checking my post !
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    what type of pump

    I use borax and 12.5 all the time with very good results. However, I have considered, after reading here, adding TSP. I went to the local hardware store and read the label. It states it that it should not be used on metal materials as it will damage them. What say you all ?
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    Replacing Old Pump... Help please!

    Never mind.... having a blonde moment. I forget to loosen the set screw...duh. Guess there are downfalls to being busy :) . Anyway, thanks to all of you who would have answered my stupid question !
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    Why parents drink!

    This is awesome ! Allows one to place things in their proper perspective.
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    Replacing Old Pump... Help please!

    Excuse the stupid question, oh never mind... you guys are used to them. I had a guy who worked on my machines for me.. he moved.. now I am stuck. I have a direct drive 4000/4 running a general ez4040g pump, was my first machine years ago that I now use as a back up. Anyway the pump went out (...
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    Hello All... Glad to be here !

    Hello. I have been reading the forum for a while now and found it to be quite enlightening. Thank you to all of you who have been in the business for some time who are willing to share your knowledge, believe me it is very much appreciated.