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  1. Gogreenwash

    Pricing Questions...

    I agree with what Doug said!!
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    Come on MARK.....

    Congrats mark.
  3. Gogreenwash

    How Is Business

    Web site, Angie's list, yelp,thumbtack and referrals. Mostly residential an some commercial flatwork here and there. Our business is up from previous years so fa just keep on plugging away and enjoying the the ride in the process.
  4. Gogreenwash

    Easy Clean Systems Moving 3/22/2013

    Congrats mark
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    Hi Greg welcome to the club.
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    Nice rig Ryan!
  7. Gogreenwash

    Commercial accounts

    Been good Ron staying somewhat busy this year.
  8. Gogreenwash

    Ladder Safety

    You gotta love that ladder saver!
  9. Gogreenwash

    New construction brick mortar and grout clean up help.

    Look up nmd80 be ecochem.
  10. Gogreenwash

    Prayers for the Mark McIntyre Family

    Mark so sorry to hear about your daughter. Will keep you and your family in our prayers, god bless you and your family.
  11. Gogreenwash

    New Guy

    Hi Eric welcome to the fun side.
  12. Gogreenwash

    How much experience did you have?

    I also started out with 0 experience by reading as much as I could find on pressure washing what ever surfaces I was going to be cleaning. 3 yrs later still going with it at a part time washer.
  13. Gogreenwash

    Newbie,Marks PWN and Carlos

    Great story John and so true it's all about networking and lending a hand to fellow power washer when the need arises.
  14. Gogreenwash

    All American PH8030HGOD

    8 GPM is a great number. Look Great mark I wish my trailer still looked new like that.
  15. Gogreenwash

    A&J Power Wash

    Great story thank you.
  16. Gogreenwash

    Powerwash Insurance Carriers

    My second year with great people prompt service as carlos & doug stated.
  17. Gogreenwash

    Who's on FaceBook?

    That's a nice page
  18. Gogreenwash

    pressure washer advice

    Yeah what Doug said:)
  19. Gogreenwash

    Happy New Year

    Happy new year to all.