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    New Owner Of Power Wash Network

    Good luck Mark!
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    Welcome and good luck.
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    Anyone ever get work from LinkedIn?

    Never, but admittedly, I don't use Linkedin to its full potential.
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    Is it Really About The Money? By Carlos Gonzales :confused:

    I read this before somewhere, and it is always a good read and reminder. Great advice Carlos!
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    Signature Test

    Welcome Ted. Glad to see you over here.
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    How's everyone today

    Doing well.
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    "Undesirable" jobs?

    That's the truth!
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    The Purple Deck

    Nice work Jake! That is definitely a good one for your portfolio.
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    Complete Restoration Of Deck

    Just curious Jake, what sealer/stain do you use? I started using Ready Seal 2 years ago. It was super easy to use, but I wasn't quite satisfied with the finished look and definitely didn't like the coverage rate. I used Armstrong Clark last year and loved it for many reasons.
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    Wood Cleaning Troubles

    It's hard to determine what you are possibly doing wrong without knowing the specifics of the problems you are encountering. I see this post is from last October. If you are still around, post some pics or describe what isn't working so we can help or learn more. Either way, don't give up.
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    Complete Restoration Of Deck

    Still looks great Jake.
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    "Undesirable" jobs?

    Well, after educating myself more and examining this market from a different perspective (thanks to Everett Abrams), I am not considering deck stripping/staining as undesirable this year. I am actually starting to like them and look forward to some of the challenges they pose. Now if only...
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    Complete Restoration Of Deck

    As always, excellent job Everett. One of these days I am going to have to make the trip to NJ and take your wood class. I'm curious, approximately how much did the customers save compared to removing the old deck and installing a brand new one? It had to be substantial.
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    Starting a Pressure Washing Business Training

    This sounds great Doug! I could have used this in 2011 when I started. I still might sign up some time. It's always good to see things from another person's point of view. Plus, I'm sure you have a lot of pointers that can make my business more efficient.
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    Happy 2014

    Same to you Doug and everyone else that visits this forum.
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    Do you have someone to answer your phone?

    That is terrible that you missed numerous opportunities, but it's good to know these things can happen when entrusting others. Thanks for filling me in!
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    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas Mark and Doug!
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    Do you have someone to answer your phone?

    What were the major issues that caused you to stop using the answering service? I will be trying one out in 2014.
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    "Undesirable" jobs?

    The pictures you posted before were nasty. I bet the smell was also.
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    Please check out our new website!

    Thanks for the compliments. I do believe it will do much better than my other website. The other site ranked well, but didn't convert to enough leads compared to the traffic it received. I'm also looking forward to see how the instant online quote for residential work out next Spring. I...