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    Marc King from MK Cleaners

    Marc King from MK Cleaners
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    New Vacuum Surface Cleaner

    Nice bit of kit that. Wonder how much that would cost
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    High Rise Work?

    How high are you talking?
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    Acetone for winter

    Alcohol does thr trick for me, Ive seen other window cleaner put anti-freeze in there water. lol.
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    Need Help ASAP!!! Windows

    Try Crystal Clear 550
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    How do you get new accounts?

    Corporations: phone them up and ask to speak to the facilities manager? As for other customers, Flyers, Drop business cards in all your local shops, Facebook, Twitter, Local directorys, Website that is SEO, bing and google maps. They all seem to work very well for me.
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    Any idea of a decent quote?

    Do you know how long it would take you to clean them? Work out how much you want to earn per hour and price it like that.
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    A professionally Cleaned window

    A pro would not use steel wool on a window. A scrapper should be more than enough. Ine 6 years of cleaing windows Ive never once even though about touching a window with that. It doesmt matter how gentle or good you are there a high chance of a scracthing it
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    Quality Window Cleaning Work

    Standard procedure
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    Gutter Vacuum

    Does anyone else use on of these for Gutter Cleaning ? It seems more and more comapnys/people are getting them these days. They also let you reach highest you would need scaffolding/cherry picker for.
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    Street Cred

    What he said.?
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    Gutter Cleaning and Pressure Wash in Oakland, CA

    Thats looks great! Nice job.