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    Sodium Hydroxide Mix

    I've been in the deck restoration business over 13 years, and restored thousands of decks. It is not as simple as buying raw materials and throwing something together, or eye-balling how much stuff to use. There are many reputable dealers that sell professionally formulated products at prices...
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    RV Antifreeze?

    I always use the pink rv antifreeze. I have a small piece of garden hose with a funnel attached to the end that I fill up with a/f, then start the washer until the a/f squirts out of the pump discharge. Never had a problem in twelve years, and it gets pretty darned cold here in Michigan. On...
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    Michigan Winter?!?!?

    In 12 years I have never received calls for concrete or building cleaning during winter months, except for graffitti removal.
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    Hi does anybody need an Independant Contractor in S.E MI

    If things don't work out I may be interested in some of your equipment.
  5. Aplus

    stripping off old paint !!!

    I 2nd Kens comment!
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    where can i order gutter shock

    Check with Mark here, or Sunbrite for an equivalent product.
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    TWP and ReadySeal.
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    Wood Restoration Certification

    You really don't need to spend your money taking an expensive wood restoration class. Find someone experienced not too far from you who would let you tag along for a few days and you could learn enough to get yourself going, then keep reading everything you can find.
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    Quick Connects and preventative maintenence?

    Yes there is a difference in quality between high priced US made connects and the cheap imported connects. But is the difference worth it? At first, I thought so, and only bought the quality US connects. Now I realize it's far cheaper to change the connects once or twice than spend the bigger...
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    I'm with Douglas and Larry here. THere is no way we can tell you what happened without seeing for ourselves, and having an opportunity to do some testing. As for the gutter going bare, it was likely severely oxidized, or an old gutter, and when cleaned, the color came right off. Likely...
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    warning: Walmart Soap and Chlorine... .. .

    The lesson to be learned here is to read and understand the ingrediants before mixing any chemicals. Fortunately, you were not injured.
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    Chewing Gum Ghost Challenge

    I agree with Alan 100%. That is exactly how I clean concrete and 'pop' gum. And I've done more than my fair share. From everything I've researched, and all the boards I've perused, there does not seem to be a silver bullet to remove the ghost stains. They do fade out over time, though...
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    stripping acrylic latex ?

    If you're going to cover a solid latex with another solid latex, then all you have to do is wash the deck with a good detergent, and remove as much of the peeling as possible. You're not going to remove it all....just go for the majority. Then after the deck is dry, apply your new coat of...
  14. Aplus

    How to Best Apply Caustic Strippers? Shurflo Backpack or Downstream?

    If this is the unit you will be using, if only temporarily, then go ahead down to the HD and pick up 40-50 feet of either rubber fuel line, or rubber airline. Either will work fine, just don't get the cheapo plastic stuff. Use small worm drive style clamps for your connections. In the...
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    How to Best Apply Caustic Strippers? Shurflo Backpack or Downstream?

    I wouldn't want caustics in a tank on my back. Not a chance. Look at a battery powered pump unit left on the ground with a long hose attached, and a spray nozzle on the end. Much safer.
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    New Ad says 15% any written estimate!

    If you can weather out this year, then next year will be better after people realize the effects of a low baller. (maybe). Best bet is to educate your customers about why you are the best choice, even though you may not be the cheapest.
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    Clearcoat over Sealer???

    There is no such thing as maintenance free. Low maintenance, maybe. This applies to ANYTHING left outdoors.
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    Any thing i missing for this upcoming weekend job

    Every square inch of the deck needs to be washed. Think of the fan stream of water as a brush, focusing on moving with the grain as much as possible. Keep the wand moving, don't stop in any one area....keep the wand moving. Go from one end of a board all the way to the other end. No...
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    Are Rotary Surface Cleaners Worth The Investment?? ;) Thanks!

    I couldn't imagine not having surface cleaners. Here's pix of a 16" floater attached to a portable 4gpm cold water machine. Got the little Steel Eagle from Mark. You can just see the edge of the blue trigger gun, which is an easy pull, from Mark also.
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    Where To Buy Equipment ONLINE?? Any Tips?

    After the Sale support. That friends, sums it up. Period. Call Mark.