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    The "new" PWNA?

    I recently received an e-letter from the PWNA concerning a "changing of the guard", and their new direction. I have not kept up with this association, but from the tone of the letter, it looks like they had some internal strife. And possibly some mismanagement from the directing staff. Some...
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    How is the Economy Affecting Your Business?

    What Ken said relates to your success, no matter what the current economic climate is. Our primary market is residential (85%+), and we don't expect a down turn. We, too, are having a great spring thus far, and are booked solid through the end of May. This is due to our annual deck...
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    Opinions on most effective ads

    We aren't doing the traditional "door hanger", like the "do not disturb" signs at hotels. Although, those could work if layed out properly and you could convey enough info. I have 9" X 12" poly bags with a doorknob hole we will use. We will run a discount promotion for our "neighbors only"...
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    Opinions on most effective ads

    Firstly - I think you get the idea about "back handing" the people you asked advice from. Albeit, not the topic you were originally inquiring about. "We" are professionals who protect our industry and individual livelihoods, and have an inherent right to question a "newbie" who is suspect of...
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    How would handle this?

    Hugh, you asked "how would you handle this". Those that replied gave you their professional opinion, as I will mine. As far as the "remnant" stain areas, I would probably use a spray bottle or pump sprayer with the stripping agent on those areas, use a harder bristle hand brush (or similar...
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    Commercial interior advice.

    I have done further test areas with chems, and have that narrowed down. Will still need to think through what my coverage rate will be per gallon of dilluted chem, but can get pretty close. I still need some input on timing. Again, very little obstruction anywhere, so can move pretty freely...
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    Commercial interior advice.

    Thanks Daff. Could you give me more specifics on the cleaner you use (brand, chemical base)? I was up on the ceiling doing a test area, and it's pretty well in tact, but will still need to be careful. Let's say you had two guys spraying on this job. How many days (8 hrs.) would you...
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    Commercial interior advice.

    Celeste, still didn't receive. I tested the address and couldn't receive myself. Sorry to put you through this, but please try Thanks again!
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    Commercial interior advice.

    Celeste, did not receive your email. Please try again. Thanks.
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    Commercial interior advice.

    I'm looking at roughly 75,000 sq. ft. of interior washing (ceiling, walls, floor) for paint prep., and could use some input. This was previously a manufacturing facility, which is now completely empty. The main area (60,000 sq. ft.) is completely open other than the vertical supports, and is...
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    Drying cars/ Spot free rinse

    An RO system would be ideal, but way too expensive for just a couple of accounts. We toyed with running an inline water softener system, but also difficult. There are some commercial "spot free" additives you can put in your water tank, but they don't guarantee success either. We used to do...
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    RV Antifreeze?

    Thanks for the input guys. That's the route I'm gonna' take this year. Lot cheaper. I do like the idea of blowing out the water first, and have a fitting for that anyway. Thanks again.
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    RV Antifreeze?

    Has anyone used the RV antifreeze for winterizing their machines, rather than regular automotize antifreeze? I can't see where this would be a problem, and it's a hell of a lot cheaper. Thanks in advance for your input.
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    stripping old paint from cedar siding

    Check out and look for peel & strip. It is not inexpensive product, but will allow you to contain the paint with no dust. You will still have to figure out how to dispose of properly. Good Luck!
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    messed up a quote what do i do!!!!!!!

    I will join Ken in the **** category! Like myself, Ken expressed his disdain for unqualified contractors (i.e. scrappy) that take on projects they have no business attempting, THEN come on the board asking for someone to save them. It is an insult to this profession. It's one thing for you...
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    wood fence

    Is it that nice a fence you'd want to "steal" it? Yes, I know you meant "seal" it. If it were me, I'd charge in American dollars, no matter how many square feet.
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    Two machines on two spigots?

    In MOST cases, this shouldn't be a problem. We do this all the time, running 100' - 3/4" water hose and don't usually have an issue. You could run 50' supply hose, which would increase your draw power. NO, you're not going to collapse pipes in the house. We do run across the occasional...
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    Question about decks in Atlanta, GA

    Depends on the type of finish product you are using. Generally, for an oil base product you want the moisture content back down to 15% or less (3 - 4 days). There are some water base products that allow you to go on damp wood. We haven't used these, so can't speak to their success.
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    Pressurewashing decks

    $500.83 Judging by your question, it's going to take you a lot longer than you might think. Good luck!
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    2007 Toyota Tundra CrewMax

    I sold Fords for years (in a past life), and was exposed to all the other models in that time. I own six Fords, and personally, wouldn't own another truck that's intended for truck type work & hauling. There are other personal vehicles I would look at though! Don't know enough about how...