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    Hope this works....
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    Mike Gwas

    MIKE, Are you still around? I need to get ahold of Mike for a possible lead I have for him. Any help would be appreciated...
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    Happy Birthday Dan S !!

    Here's hopin' ya have a good one!..... [hello] Just remember to go easy on the moonshine, or else you'll be like this...... [puke]
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    No purpose to this post other than getting my number of posts to 667. The previous number did not sit well with me.
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    Early Warning Signs

    This kid is from the "Grow your own State"
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    Arkansas Road Sign

    Look out.......
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    Tennesse Edition of Windows

    WINDOWS 2000 - TENNESSEE EDITION Dear Consumers: It has come to our attention that a few copies of the WINDOWS 2000 TENNESSEE EDITION may have accidentally been shipped outside of the STATE of TENNESSEE. If you have one of these, you may need help understanding the commands...
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    What water temps do you guys typically use. Do you vary it depending on the application? The reason I ask is that I've found 180 degrees to be a good all around temp, and a full tank of diesel will last about 10 hours. I use this temp for concrete, building, and vehicle cleaning. I did a...
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    Buying Computer Parts Online

    For those of you that are comfortable doing your own computer's a great web site to assist you in finding the absolute lowest prices on the computer parts you are looking for. The best way to use this site is by first doing your homework. Determine the brand, model number...
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    Cookie Problem ?

    Dan, Every time I launch this website, I have to enter my username and password. It's been that way for me for some time. All the other boards are automatic. It's the same with IE or Netscape.
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    Promotional Pens

    I recently received a free sample ink pen from National Pens Corporation with my company name printed on it. After inspecting it, and reading the literature, I thought it was a great marketing idea. I placed my order from their website, and got 220 of their laser red contour grip pens for $113...
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    Anyone attending the Fall PWNA convention?

    Just wondering if anyone is going to Pittsburgh this fall for the PWNA convention. I'm planning to attend, as long as my schedule permits.
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    The New Truck

    This bow tie hauls the equipment effortlessly! It also hauls my 5500# enclosed hot water rig without straining its legs.
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    Anyone do boats?

    Here's a 47 foot Wellcraft I did today, it was a monster!
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    Fuel Question

    Is it ok to mix diesal and kerosene in the same fuel tank? Some of the service stations around here are selling kerosene quite a bit cheaper than diesal, but I've already got diesal in my fuel tank. The owners manual for my rig says I can use either fuel, but does not mention mixing.
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    For you guys in PA. I hear this is for real

    Two men are driving through Pennsylvania when they get pulled over by a State Trooper. The Trooper walks up and taps on the window with his nightstick. The driver rolls down the window and WHACK, the Trooper smacks him on the head with the stick. The driver says, "What the hell was that for?"...
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    New Rig

    Here is a picture of my new trailer and the H/W rig I ordered from Mark. Of course nothing is set up yet, these pix were taken yesterday when I picked both up. I still have alot of work to do to get it ready.
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    New rig

    I'm pretty excited, I ordered a new hot water rig from Mark at Easy Clean. Here are the specs: It's an All American, 20hp Honda, general pump, 115 volt generator, 18 gallon fuel tanks, and adjustable thermostat. It's 5gpm @3500. It should flat out kick some butt. Anybody thinking about a...
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    Zinc or Stainless or Aluminum

    I was looking at the 1/4" threaded lances used for making custom length wands, and discovered that they are available in zinc plated, stainless, and even aluminum, or black powder coated. Is there a prefered material? What are the benefits? Thanks
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    Early Retirement

    Dear Employee: As a result of the reduction of money budgeted for department use, we are forced to cut down on personnel. Under a new plan, older employees will be asked to take early retirement, thus permitting the retention of younger people who represent our future. Therefore, a...