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    GUM (shadows OR Stains)

    I have also tried a lot of chemicals for the shadows but have not found anything safe that works. It would be nice if there was something out there that was safe and actually worked. I guess not enough attention is on the shadows in the chemical market, otherwise maybe something would be...
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    New youtube video on cleaning aluminum wheels

    I have some but not edited yet, mostly aluminum cleaning like more wheels, tanks, battery boxes, trailer, etc.... I need to make a house washing video next.
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    New youtube video on cleaning aluminum wheels

    Thanks Doug. That was my first video, need to make some more now.
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    New youtube video on cleaning aluminum wheels

    Thanks Carlos. I use the BioClean system, it is specialized and patented way of cleaning using the 2 step cleaning system that they developed. You switch chemicals at the gun, you have the pressure hose and 2 chemical hoses running from the trailer all the way to the gun. Because of the forms...
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    How to Remove Chewing Gum from Concrete

    I have a gum removal job that is almost that bad. The district manager says that once the store is clean, he is going to have the people that work there use scrapers to keep the area clean of gum. I really don't see that happening but it is nice of him to dream. I offered monthly cleaning...
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    New youtube video on cleaning aluminum wheels

    No hot water for these aluminum wheel cleaning to be done. The contaminants came off with the 2 step cleaning system I use. I have some other videos where the wheels cleaned up faster, this contaminant was hard to remove so it took a while on the video. Thanks Carlos.
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    How to Remove Chewing Gum from Concrete

    I have tried using a scraper years ago, the customers would not want to see the bill for a companies' time for scraping gum one piece at a time, they want the gum gone in one or two trips so to get rid of gum that fast you need to use a professional steam machine or Hot Water Pressure Washer. I...
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    New youtube video on cleaning aluminum wheels

    Derrel showed me how to embed the video so here it is:
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    New youtube video on cleaning aluminum wheels

    Hello Everyone, I finally got a video made of me washing some dirty aluminum wheels for a fleet of trucks here in South Texas. Cleaning dirty aluminum wheels I did not put music on the video, typed a lot of info on the details section and it is kind of long, about 6 minutes but the video...
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    Battery question

    I had the Interstate Megatron battery (for cars and trucks) in my Hotsy for about 8.5 years and no issues with it, not a marine battery, just a regular car/truck battery. I know that brand is better than just about everything else out there but not sure about the Sears Diehard, they are also...
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    Waste Water Disposal

    Like Doug mentioned, every job is different. You can use simple things like sand bags, shop vacs, sand snakes,etc..... so that nothing gets into the storm drains. There will be a lot of water lost due to absorption and evaporation when cleaning and the runoff is going onto concrete or asphalt...
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    Marine vs Regular battery for ShurFlo

    I went with the marine battery and they have held up great, better than regular car batteries.
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    hose repair kit?

    Just about every vendor out there sells them, I am sure that Mark at Easy Clean can get them for you, if not then let me know and I will tell you some other vendors but out of respect for Mark's site, I did not want to mention other vendors unless he does not sell them.
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    hose repair kit?

    I have used the repair kit (re-usable hose end) and they work great and last a long time. I use a chop saw to cut through the hose so the end is even, just follow the instructions but order for the hose you have like a 1-wire or 2 wire.
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    gravel trucks

    There are a lot of variables to consider like: How many gallons of water does it take YOUR machine to wash a truck with average dirt residue, other contractor's machines are different sizes, different pressure and different gpm's so their results will probably be different than what you will...
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    Sidewalk Cleaning Houston

    Great job Doug. I like those kind of jobs where the before and after picture show a huge difference.
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    New Vacuum Surface Cleaner

    How is this model different from the old model? I have seen the old model in person a few times and it did not pick up all the water, just wondering if they made the changes to improve the water picking up capability or if it is different technology from the old design. Not trying to bash...
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    Prayers for the Mark McIntyre Family

    Hope all is well Mark. Prayers sent and your family will be in our prayers.
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    Budget Websites

    I was one of the many guys out there that had a company make a great website (WFC) but after over 6 months of them not responding to phone calls and emails and my site crashing at least 5 times in the past year, I called Pat and talked to him about changing my site over from the Joomla platform...