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  1. TLC Sweeping

    No Cussing Club?

    I seen him on Tv too and he has got Death Threats from doing the Right thing, What Is Up With That?
  2. TLC Sweeping

    How was 2008

    Business was good in 2008 but 2009 may start out a bit slower I think, it's anybodies guess right now but I hope it was as good as last year for me.
  3. TLC Sweeping

    Memory Upgrade

    We all get memory loss after a few years LOL and the wife will always point that out too :)
  4. TLC Sweeping

    Best Virus Protection?

    I have been using NOD 32 for a few years now and it works Great.
  5. TLC Sweeping

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas Everybody :)
  6. TLC Sweeping

    Election 2008

    Just a few Words to think about, ACORN, Franklin Raines, Rev Right, Louis Farrakhan, AYERS. OK that should be enough to make your hair stand on end, but there are many more to speak of, I for one think that when you hang out with TRASH you become TRASH, CALL ME CRAZY but this matters to me and...
  7. TLC Sweeping

    New UAMCC Letterhead

    Looks nice :)
  8. TLC Sweeping

    16K Rig For 9K, PW Trailer For Sale (Truck Too)

    Nice Rig............:)
  9. TLC Sweeping


    Let me know if it works, so far nothing but heat takes it off for me.
  10. TLC Sweeping

    Ultimate 9 GPM @ 3500 PSI!

    Thats what I need more water LOL I was going to buy the 500 Gal model but needed it fast and they had the 370 in stock so I grabbed it but 500 would have been much nicer on some of the jobs. Nice looking rig too, I love mine has been trouble free now all year I have had nothing to it but oil...
  11. TLC Sweeping

    Whisper Wash Big Guy Surface Cleaner

    I have some big centers to do next week and will give it a workout then and it is going to cut time in half because it is much wider then my old one.
  12. TLC Sweeping

    Whisper Wash Big Guy Surface Cleaner

    I purchased a Big Guy surface clear from Mark last week and had a chance to use it last night and I must say it worked very well and left no marks or zebra stripes on the concrete I cleaned. By being 28 inches wide it saved a lot of time over my 20 inch surface cleaner. If your looking for a...
  13. TLC Sweeping

    Shut Off Valve at the end off the pressure hose

    I don't know what I would do without one on my rig, they just make life EASY :)
  14. TLC Sweeping

    Ultimate 9 GPM @ 3500 PSI!

    Is that a 500 Gal tank ? man it looks big.
  15. TLC Sweeping


    I just started a new store the other night the guy that was washing it really made a mess of it using a cold water washer and HIGH PRESSURE it cuts grooves in the surface trying to get gum and stains up. I used Hot Water and the difference is Amazing and it is clean now. I allways try to use the...
  16. TLC Sweeping

    Newbie Question

    There is no way, lets face it water with pressure means splatter. Now I only rinse the debris off them, but I have carried a small squeegee with me if they want the windows cleaned. Most of my customers know there is going to be some kind of water on the windows and have a cleaner come behind...
  17. TLC Sweeping


    I have not rented a hot water unit so I don't know what they rent for, I have a big unit on a trailer and do this on many shopping centers. But as far as renting I don't know what they get for them. I do know that a cold water unit is a waste of time and will only give you headaches lol and...
  18. TLC Sweeping


    Good Old Hot Water Washer and Med Pressure will get it up, there are no chems that work very well only Hot Water :) I do alot of shopping centers that are full of gum and the only way you can get it up is Hot Water, but becareful with to much pressure or you will damage the concrete.
  19. TLC Sweeping

    Nightmare Job - Bidding

    I think that will only wash or rinse and not remove gum, they have a jet attactment for taking gum up you can mount on your twister, I think they are around 100 bucks to add. Mark will know more about that as he sells them.
  20. TLC Sweeping

    Nightmare Job - Bidding

    For gum even with Heat your not going to get it up unless you have an attactment on the front that blasts water and is made for gum. Wand is the best thing for gum and fastest way of getting it up. As far as surface cleaners go and leaving stripes it seems to be all in learning how fast to walk...