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    Employee Hand Book

    I'm looking to add an employee, and was wonder what everyone else has for an employee hand book. Looking to do it the right wat for myself and the employee.
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    Surface cleaner

    Ok guy here is the question I have been running ww classic for my 5.5 I have upgraded to an 8 gpm which surface cleaner should I upsize to. I was thinking the big guy or a 30 inch cleaner. It will be used for commerical work, what you guys thoughts?
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    Trailer Lay-out

    I have a 6 x 12 double axle trailer, I have been running a 8 gpm hot water on the front then a 225 gal tank and a 5.5 gpm hot water on the rear with 2 high pressure reels. I got another 8 gpm washer and it is bigger than my 5.5 machine. I was thinking of placing both machines on the front of...
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    Wayne Burner Issue

    Ok here is the problem. I have a 12 volt Wayne burner, when I turn the burner on I get a think black smoke. I check the transformer no spark, get a new one same problem. I check the fan, the fan is slow to start. Take the fan off touch wires to battery runs fine. Check the wires to the fan volts...
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    Pump question

    Hey Mark, pump question for you. With the machine I have been having my problem with i have a question. It has a general TSF 2221 pump on it and a 24 hp honda hot water with 120v burner and is set up for 6 gpm at 3500psi. My question is can I make it a 8 gpm? How much would I have to change...
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    Pump problems

    Last night whlie washing my pw decided to have a mine of its own. I have checked the belts, but when I let of the gun the belts make the worst noise, while water is flowing through there is no problem but if I add some back pressure the pump slows down and the belts start making noise. I'm...