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  1. Bill Clough

    Plastic Sheeting

    Is anyone buying plastic from Sherwin-Williams?? I'm buying 12'X200' 1.5ML from them and the price goes up every week. When I started buying from them the price was under $12 per roll. I just paid $27.51 per roll. Is any finding any better deals than that.
  2. Bill Clough

    Cleaning Limestone & Sandstone Houses

    I'm looking for any products to clean limestone and sandstone structures. The only thing I can find is highly caustic and it needs neutralized. If that's the only way to clean it why couldn't I mix some sodium hydroxide to clean it with and neutralize it with oxalic.
  3. Bill Clough

    Good Truck

    There is a nice truck listed on ebay 4440249296
  4. Bill Clough

    Hows Your Year Been??

    I hope everyone has had a better year than I've had.As some of you know I had an accident in march that has left me paralized from the knees down. I have been struggling to keep my employees working due to my medical condition, and yesterday in broad daylight someone stole one of my wash units...
  5. Bill Clough

    McDonalds Setup

    Here is the setup I use at McDonalds it works well. One person doing the setup equals approx. 10 min per hood. The only down side to this setup you have to have a good shop vac. I'm having trouble with pictures as soon as I have time I will get them posted.
  6. Bill Clough

    Natural Gas Burner Problem

    I had a big equipment company call me today to see if I could look at thier unit. It is a MiTM stationary electric natural gas unit. The problem they are haveing is it has to be running approx.15 to 20 minutes befor the burner comes on. Anyone familure with this problem.
  7. Bill Clough

    Awsom Hood Chem

    I just thought I would let you in on a product that I've ben using for over a year now. This is a Potassium Hydroxide based foaming jel that I apply with a pump up poly sprayer.I used to mix my own chemical for hoods, and one day I was looking for a cheaper bulk chem supplier when I got some...
  8. Bill Clough

    Rig Pics

    Here is a picture of my 02 Dodge and the 7X14 inclosed trailer that it pulls , and my 14ft box truck both of these units have hot water machines and 325gal water tanks in them. The trailer also has a 6kw generator in it.
  9. Bill Clough

    Anyone Need A Truck?

    1997 Isuzu NPR W4 5.7L EFI Gasoline. New Tuff 3500psi 5.5gpm Hot Water Machine less than 10hrs 145K mi on truck. Every thing Included to start working except for chems. The reason I'm selling this truck is that I gave helpers deadline to get drivers license and they didn't take me seriously. I'm...
  10. Bill Clough

    Electric Pressure Washer

    Do any of you use electic washers combined with the customers hot water ???? If so what kind of results are you getting from this combination ??? I am thinking of useing my big hot water skid to get new accounts into shape, and then maintaining them whith the electric unit, do you think I'm on...
  11. Bill Clough

    Sand Injection Nozzels

    Has anyone used a sand injection nozzel to remove paint from metal. If so how well did it work, and who is the manufacture.
  12. Bill Clough

    Building A New Rig

    Hi Everyone, I just purchased a new 7'x14' enclosed trailer.I was woundering how some of you that owned vans, box trucks, and enclosed trailers are venting your burner, and engine exhaust.
  13. Bill Clough

    Equipment Picture

    It was a good day to take a picture. My trailer has a 4200psi 6.3gpm hot water unit, a 3500psi 5.5gpm cold water unit , a 6kw generator, and a 325gal water tank. The truck is a 98 F-150 OFF ROAD.
  14. Bill Clough

    Wood Stripper

    Looking for a base recipe for a sodiumhydroxide wood stripper? I have sodiumhydroxide flake,and oxalic crystals. How much sodiumhydroxide do you start with,do you mix 5gals at a time,how long will the stripper stay good after being mixed?
  15. Bill Clough

    Remote Control Relays(Help Me WIZARD)

    I bought a bulldog car starter,it has a 4 function remote Start, Lock Unlock,Trunk,and Stop.The start and stop are easy enough,but what about hooking up my burner to one button,and a 12v soap valve to the other button.I guess what I'm asking is how to get a constant 12v to the burner and soap...
  16. Bill Clough

    Better Tire Application For Trailer Units

    My Trailer Unit came stock with 14" trailer tires on it. I was haveing alot of trouble with flats, during long periods of hiway driving, do to heat buildup from the road. I found that 15" alum. wheels, and tires off a Ford ranger 4x4 matched my lug pattern perfect,and the tires have alot higher...
  17. Bill Clough

    Extending The Life of Your Starter

    Has Anyone noticed how much your starter cranks before your engine fires?? I'm running a 18hp Kohler on My hot water unit,and sometimes it cranks so long, that I have to release the pressure on the gun, to get it to crank enough to start.I have found that if I unplug the low oil shutdown switch...
  18. Bill Clough

    Filter Exchange

    Does anyone offer a filter exchange program to customers????????? If so wat is the going rate and how much would 16 16"x20" Baffle filters cost me to get started??????????? ------------------ Bill (CPS CLEANING and RESTORATION)
  19. Bill Clough

    Replacement Ignitor

    Just woundering if anyone has had to replace there 12v electronic igniter on there burner.If so where did you get it and what brand was it , Mine is a Carlin model#40900 I've got 750hrs total on unit about 350hrs on burner.I feel that cold weather operation was the cause for mine to go bad...
  20. Bill Clough

    Bidding Larg Hood Job

    Can anyone shed some light on bidding a hood job ????????? The hood is a captiveair 22'x4'thats 2 11'hoods,with 2 fans, 16 filters and 28'x4'of firewall showing without moving grills,freezers,or fryers.Everything is stainless exept for fans which are alum.Now comes the problem the dinner is open...