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  1. Pocketarnie

    Cloudy Pool after Sealing

    Hi Guys We have recently had an issue where a customer said their pool was still cloudy five days after we sealed with Seal n Lock. Customer was also told that the sand we got in the pool broke his pool filter and their pool guy told him he needed to replace it for $85. Has anyone had an...
  2. Pocketarnie

    Seal n Lock products

    Sorry this is a very late reply. I would speak to Rich Colletti at Seal n Lock. Just go to the website to find contact details
  3. Pocketarnie

    Water getting into cat pump

    Hey everyone We have a problem with water getting into our pump. The pump seals have all just been changed as we did have water leaking from the bottom of the pump which has now stopped. We have now noticed a slow rise in the oil level and it looks cloudy like there is water in there. Any...
  4. Pocketarnie

    Roof Cleaning Question

    looks fantastic doug, we need to look into using this solution if it comes out that well.
  5. Pocketarnie

    Roof Cleaning Question

    Where do you purchase your SH and is it a more natural form of bleach, like sodium percarbonate? we didn't really want to use bleach, but it seems most people do. Using this mixture, does it leave the roof clean immediately or does it carry on working, also how long does it keep the mold off the...
  6. Pocketarnie

    Roof Cleaning Question

    We are getting there Doug thanks, takes a while with the paperwork so just trying to get myself organized and ready to go with chemicals and such. So you recommend the roof snot, I did see this online and thought it sounded like a good idea. How long do you leave the solution on for? and do you...
  7. Pocketarnie

    Roof Cleaning Question

    Hi guys, what kind of formula do you use on roofs? We are getting started on roofs soon and would love some advise on whats good to use. Bearing in mind we live in Florida and humidity makes for very hardy mold. don't ant to use any pressure and don't really want to use bleach unless we have no...
  8. Pocketarnie

    Lets Talks Pressure Washing Sales,Commercial Selling personal

    Does anyone get any work for Hotel Properties? Again it's who to speak to, do you go straight to the owner or try to find the guy responsible for the maintenance? We are not great at marketing, it's something we've never done and we admit we take things personally instead of just going on to the...
  9. Pocketarnie

    Lifetime Fitness Syosset NY

    We cleaned a residential pool a while back that looked like this but the mess wasn't due to geese, it was due to the scummy people renting the place being on drugs and throwing all of the house contents that didn't belong to them into the pool and left it there for months until they were...
  10. Pocketarnie

    Power Washing Houston Texas

    Nasty job but looks great. Jon is not good with spider webs or any kind of small creature really, so I get these jobs. Everyone has a pool cage here in Florida and anyone who has a black cage as opposed to a white one is plagued by spiders, this time of year they are laying their eggs, so these...
  11. Pocketarnie

    Paver Sealing Naples Florida

    Thanks Guys
  12. Pocketarnie

    Paver Sealing Naples Florida

    We use Seal n Lock, it really brings the color out
  13. Pocketarnie

    Are you ready to become more successful? Good, let's start

    Hey Paul, did you start your thread already on marketing tips. Would be great reading. So do you also help out with websites?
  14. Pocketarnie

    Paver Sealing Naples Florida

    A sealing job we completed yesterday on a Travertine Driveway, it was installed around six months ago but the color was already starting to fade.
  15. Pocketarnie

    Kingwood Texas Roof Cleaning and Pressure Washing

    Do you know something I don't about the Simex cleaner? Let me know as we need to find a roof cleaning solution for when we pass our exam. What do you find works the best for you? We prefer to use green certified solutions, if you can recommend one.
  16. Pocketarnie

    Kingwood Texas Roof Cleaning and Pressure Washing

    Yep, tell us about it. It isn't Florida to be fair, it's Collier County and everyone needs a licence before they can do any work. The basic licence is very restrictive so if you want to provide services such as roof cleaning, grout sealing for instance you need to pass an exam that has nothing...
  17. Pocketarnie

    Lets Talks Pressure Washing Sales,Commercial Selling personal

    Here in Naples we have so many gated communities and each section of that community seems to be managed by different property management companies, they make it so confusing to find out who to speak to. We are also dealing with so many cheap and nasty pressure washing people it is ridiculous...
  18. Pocketarnie

    Successful Commercial Advertising

    I agree, we have an ad with Dex One and have just received one call for a small job since Oct 2011. We will not be going with them next year, complete waste of money, nobody looks in the yellow pages anymore
  19. Pocketarnie

    Kingwood Texas Roof Cleaning and Pressure Washing

    Has anyone tried Simex for roof cleaning? It is a green chemical which works with the sun. Using Simex oxi one as the cleaner and then apply their sealer. They give a 10 year warranty against mod regrowth on roofs, (don't know if this includes Florida) We need to pass our roof cleaning...
  20. Pocketarnie

    Commercial Property Cleaning Houston

    Looking good Doug. Was it BT200 you used on the brick? We have had about five chase banks pop up in Naples in the last few months, they must be doing O.K