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  1. AranServices

    Dan! RE: This BBS - 2 Suggestions ...

    1) Submit this message board to the search engines. It could really help make this member base a lot bigger! It'll take a few months to start showing on them. 2) On the top is a "CONTACT US" link that did not work. ------------------ Cleaning America - One Job At A Time!
  2. AranServices

    Anyone interested in a National P/W Directory?

    For those of you who don't look in the marketing BBS - I posted about it there ... take a look! Thanks Randy ------------------ Cleaning America - One Job At A Time!
  3. AranServices

    RE: Actual Members (refreshing the list & activity)

    Isn't there a way to do a bulk mailing to the whole member list. I have noticed that several times I went to check out the featured member on the lower right corner & it was a person that was no longer a member! I thought that a group mailing that sent everyone their own user name & password...
  4. AranServices

    Ways To Rinse House Wash Off?

    Is there any suggestions on rinsing house wash off third story windows? Needs to be fast & about 90% clean with out a DI tank. Thanks In Advance! ------------------ Cleaning America - One Job At A Time!
  5. AranServices

    TIP/WARNING - RE: Mail Boxes

    Even though it is NOT enforced in some areas it is a FEDERAL LAW that says anything that is touching, or attached to the outside or inside of any mailbox must be postage paid. I had been billed for 200 pieces by the US Post Office even though the box was purchased and set up by a private...
  6. AranServices

    Can moderators post on FAQ & Bulletin Board Tips?

    I thought this would be a good one for there! -&gt; START OF POST &lt;- I have noticed that some folks have a little problem using these codes. An easy way to use these is to FIRST hit Caps lock button. Next - remember this <FONT COLOR="Red">-&gt;</FONT c> [ <FONT COLOR="Red"> &lt;-</FONT c>...
  7. AranServices

    RE: Comments & observations - has he been back since his Oct.2000 post?

    I have to say this . . . The way everyone pulls together here on this board is something to be proud of. Even when one disagree's with another we all seem to be there for each other. This is more than professionalism - this rivals a brotherhood or union in its strength and ability! All of y'all...
  8. AranServices

    Are there any members in or near Ashville NC?

    I may be looking for a possible sub to wash a few limestone buildings if we land this contract. I'm thinking it would be easier to hire a sub rather than drag my equipment over the eastern divide. NOTE: This is JUST talk for now - however, if it does come to be, it should be starting within the...
  9. AranServices

    What chemicals do REAL good on Indiana Limestone? Gotta see 3 Buildings on 1/9/01

    Looking for ideas on cleaning Indiana Limestone. It needs a 40 foot boom man lift that they will supply. Any suggestions or warnings on cleaning & bidding? Thanks in advance! From me, Randy ------------------ Cleaning America - One Job At A Time!
  10. AranServices

    An Idea On Keeping A Pump From Freezing Up

    How about building a little box around the pump insulated with foam insulation & use a lighter fluid hand warmer under it to keep it from freezing up too fast. I am trying to find figure out a way to protect my stuff at night in the teens (that's darn cold) in case it cuts off or a line breaks &...
  11. AranServices

    Why.... ???

    Has anyone else noticed that there are a lot of misplaced topics on other boards in this BBS system? It seems to me that there are a few straying topics. Dan did set this up to help give each topic their own place here. Does anyone else think that by posting in the wronge place it shows...
  12. AranServices

    QUESTION: How much new business do you expect next year?

    I hope everyone had a safe and sound Christmas! I trust that Santa was good to everyone!!? No COAL?? Well, the New Year is at our feet! May we all make more money! Lots of it! I have a few questions maybe you can help me learn a little bit here, if you don't mind... I am curious to see how...
  13. AranServices

    Potassium Hydroxide vs. Sodium Hydroxide

    Sodium Hydroxide is what I have been using, however, I keep seeing info on Potassium Hydroxide. What is the difference? Does it burn the skin as much? What are the pro's & con's of each one? Which is better? ... & Why? Thanks for the input in advance! ------------------ Cleaning America -...
  14. AranServices

    RE: Web Sites If you want to build one let me know!

    I have lists of over 140 places to get FREE sub-domain websites - many of them do not require HTML knowledge. These are also a handful of places where you can buy your own URL for under $35.00 per year. You can also register an existing URL through these place & save $$! Besides that I also have...
  15. AranServices

    Anyone on this Kitchen Exhaust Cleaners board bonded?

    How bonded should a multi-state hood cleaning company be? How many of you guys have OVER 1 million dollar insurance coverage? I'm getting ready to go after a few larger accounts that require a minimum of $1,000,000.00 insurance & to be bonded. I need to be sure that ALL of my i's are dotted and...
  16. AranServices

    Need some attitude about my new hood service website!

    Hey All! Think I got it finished (for now) - Would like a FRESH pair of eyes to look it over to see if there are any glitches, errors, or basic blunders. All feedback is welcome! Thanks! From me, Randy! OPPPS! Forgot to put in the URL! Here It Is:
  17. AranServices

    Familiar w/Commercial Services out of Fla.?

    I Have Got A Few Questions About Commercial Services: 1) Who are they? 2) What kind of accounts do they service? 3) Why are they so big? Do you have any comments (pro or con)? E-mail me if you wish - Thanks! From me, Randy ------------------ Cleaning America - One Job At A...
  18. AranServices

    Hey! It's a snowin' here!

    ... the driveway is actually white! I'm sure getting homesick now! Restaurant fans should be FUN tonight! ------------------ Cleaning America - One Job At A Time! E-MAIL: Our URL:
  19. AranServices

    Check out

    Get heard about this voting recount stuff at ------------------ Cleaning America - One Job At A Time! E-MAIL: Our URL:
  20. AranServices

    How about a webmasters forum?

    Hey all! how about a webmasters forum? I would be glad to moderate! Especially for graphics & animations! ------------------ Cleaning America - One Job At A Time! E-MAIL: Our URL: