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  1. Michael T

    Fuel Pump Problem

    This is a duplicate post that I have on another site. Im having a fuel pump problem on one of my skids. Suntec A2VA-7116 fuel pump. 12v beckett burner. All of the sudden the fuel pump stopped working. But it was drawing fuel and returning it thru the return line. But there was no fuel...
  2. Michael T

    Kerry Concedes

  3. Michael T

    First Lines

    For those of you who do not know, Bulwer-Lytton wrote "The Last Days of Pompeii," which opens with the famous line, "It was a dark and stormy night." Hence the Bulwer-Lytton contest. These are the 10 winners of this year's Bulwer-Lytton contest (run by the English Dept of San Jose...
  4. Michael T

    cat carrier

    If I had a cat this is a must have item!
  5. Michael T

    wiring diagram

    I have a RK21 unit I am rebuilding and need a wiring diagram. It has a 16 hp vangard with a 12v burner system. Thanks
  6. Michael T

    signiture test

    test just playin'
  7. Michael T

    unloader ?

    K7 Unloader Some distributers rate them at 2700 psi , 3000 psi and 3500 psi. Is there a difference? I know they are rated by the flow rate. But are there different rating for psi? It seems like this year I have gone thru more than normal. Thanks, Michael T
  8. Michael T

    Car Wash Stalls

    Got a call today to clean some Car Wash stalls. Has anyone tackled one of these before? They have a ceramic or glazed coated block . There is a lot of buildup or scum on the surface from the oversplater. Any suggestions? Would I 2 step it? I think it would be simular to truck washing , except...
  9. Michael T


    A man walks into a bar. He sees a good-looking, smartly dressed woman sitting on the bar stool. He walks up behind her and says, "Hi there, how's it going?" Having already had a few drinks, she turns around, faces him, looks him straight in the eyes and says, "Listen! I'll screw...
  10. Michael T

    Got 2 problems

    Unit is RK-21 16hp vanguard / TS2021 5.5@3000 5.5 tip 12v hotwater Problem #1 Replaced the unloader. K 7.2 worked fine. Now it seems to take a long time to come off of bypass. If I take off the tip, purge the system , put tip back on it works right a way. Otherwise It just wont come...
  11. Michael T

    Bee stings

    We were cleaning a very large home today. It was first built in 1870's and added onto in 1900's . So it is very large, tall, painted white. No one has lived there in 2 years. Lost of yellow jackets. No problem, killed them all. But the Bees. There were Honey Bees in the porch columns. The owner...
  12. Michael T


    Just updated my profile and thought I would try one of those Avatar thingies. Im just killing time before I go to work.
  13. Michael T

    Oring sizes

    I have a ts 2021 pump. What is the oring size on the valve? Are they viton material? Any help out there appreciated. Thanks Michael T
  14. Michael T


    Got a problem with my flowjet. Used it saturday, rinced it out put it away. Went to use it again next day. And wont pump. It wont suction or build pressure. Doesnt have clogged line od air leak. Checked valves for debree , nothing struck in valves. Cant figure why it wont work. Hmmmmm. Any...
  15. Michael T

    Workers Comp

    Help, My comp just went thru the roof. My premium tripled since last year. I need another option or to lease my employees out. Ive already called Walters Insurance, couldnt help me. Any suggestions ? Im in Texas. Ive got to do something fast the premium is going to eat me up. Michael T /...
  16. Michael T

    Pump Pulsation

    Wiz or anyone, Ive got a Rk-21 and the problem Im having is pump pulsation. Not a lot but enough to be annoying. The unit has a general 2021 belt drive. 3000/5.5. If you put your foot on the hose while under pressure you feel some pulsation. Ive replaced packings and check valves and orings...
  17. Michael T


    Im usually just a reader not a poster. But I just got to toot my horn today. Today Im takin off tomorrow also. Im taking my lady to the S.A. TX riverwalk. Ive (we) never been there. Anyway this is my 26th wedding anniverary ---- to the same women!! She needs a metal. This is the part where I wax...
  18. Michael T

    Unloader Problems

    Ive got an RK-21, some times it doesnt want to come out of bypass. If you pull off the wand drain it and put it back on it will work. So I have an extra unloader in stock and replace it. Now things are even worse. The machine doesnt want to make max psi without cutting off and going into bypass...