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    Rewards for Referrals

    ... I offer real estate listing agents (only listing agents) 10% of any PW work on their listings building - more times than not - they don't even want the 10%
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    Opinion about new icons

    sounds like there may be a few control issues to me ........ :-\ all though there are some valid points to not liking the new icons, it seems to me that the real issue here is not "ARE WE MATURE ENOUGH" but "HOW CAN WE STOP THEM FROM .... ?" What I have seen is MAYBE a PG-13 type rating ...
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    Opinion about new icons

    It seems as though the ONLY one that may cause a stink would be ........... ............... but I like it! One up for the freedom of speech!
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    Anyone interested in a National P/W Directory?

    DAVE BEFORE YOU RUN OFF AT THE MOUTH MAKE SURE THAT YOU DO NOT END UP LOOKING LIKE A FOOL! FIRST THING: Check out the horse & carriage photo in member picture - THEN tell me why anyone would have magnetic signs on mirrored windows! ...and another thing FOOL! (note: I did not insult a...
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    Anyone interested in a National P/W Directory?

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    Dan! RE: This BBS - 2 Suggestions ...

    1) Submit this message board to the search engines. It could really help make this member base a lot bigger! It'll take a few months to start showing on them. 2) On the top is a "CONTACT US" link that did not work. ------------------ Cleaning America - One Job At A Time!
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    Safety Gear... what do you carry/use?

    Scott - what you are saying is fine! BUT - thats a construction safety list you are talking about! I don't really care for construction clean up! If & when I do that I'll abide by those required regulations. Try cleaning a small restaurant exhaust hood with safety glasses on! Fact is every...
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    X-Jet/Extension wands

    Mike - I do 2-story houses with it - No Problem! ------------------ Cleaning America - One Job At A Time!
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    Anyone interested in a National P/W Directory?

    For those of you who don't look in the marketing BBS - I posted about it there ... take a look! Thanks Randy ------------------ Cleaning America - One Job At A Time!
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    X-Jet/Extension wands

    When applying chemical through an x-jet, proportioners are used to regulate the flow of chemical. The chemical flow without any proportioner is at a ratio of about 1 1/2 to 1 mix. This mix with the average reaching capability of about 40 foot makes the application of chemical from the ground an...
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    bribery and intemindation?

    well, you gotta feel sort of sorry for them... they are trying to identify with something. You did right! ...and yeah - it probably there already! Unless the artist was no longer with them! Might have been a memorial type thing to the kid with the bank roll... Never Know! At least you were...
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    Safety Gear... what do you carry/use?

    As far as worrying about my truck - I'll keep it till it's totally dead! New vehicles depreciate too fast! ... it's an ol' truck used for work - let it get dirty! I do use high black rubber boots (some times) It depends on what I am doing. Washing a building - usually regular steel toe boots or...
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    Woozing park managers

    Usually - the main reason that a park does not let you use their water is because they have a low producing well. You will also find that many of them ONLY pump about 2.5 gallons per minute. If you have a trailer to wash - and just REALLY want to do it - see what the chances are that the...
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    Commen sence?

    Nothing about my wife is common! That's why she can put up with me... ------------------ Cleaning America - One Job At A Time!
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    TIP/WARNING - RE: Mail Boxes

    Craig - in some states I think the law they have is called the Green River Ordinance which prohibits the distribution of trash. ------------------ Cleaning America - One Job At A Time!
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    Where do you put your Marketing $$$

    Cali is telling you right! You have got to break your own ground - make your own path... It's a jungle out here - if you follow someone else path to close to the way they are going - you could find yourself off the same cliff too. What I'm trying to say is cut your own path! A lot of companies...
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    Hi Jim & Shirley! We have 2 skid mount units: 1) Landa Platinum with generator with a variable temp control that can go to steam. It pumps 4.8 gpm @ 3,000 psi. It is mounted an a small trailer w/ a 200 gallon tank 2) Delco 53G Vortex (no generator) & no temp control. It pumps 5.3 gpm @ 3,000...
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    If someone started a new organization?

    Hey guys & Gals when I get into a topic PLEASE Don't get hurt feelings! If everyone was against it - I may have taken the FOR IT side! Yes! There are good points about it also! FIRST: Let me say I'm Sorry! A lot of folks may not have been around Italians much. Those who have will know that we...
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    URGENT need help on building interior bid..

    Here is a average breakdown on bid prices. Of course everyone has thier own way to price it out. Out of the bid price: 5 to 10% should be chemical cost - closer to 5% is better! 40% should be labor 20% scaffold and/or lifts (extra equipment) The rest is profit... Good Luck...
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    Deck Sprayers

    I have a Wagner - It's real good on water based sealers, reasonably good on oil based - but not worth a hoot on acrylic sealers! ------------------ Cleaning America - One Job At A Time!