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    Ladder Saver

    Last month I purchased from Mark a little item called a Ladder Saver. The little device was a little pricey but I decided to try it out with one of my crews. We only service hood systems and my managers are hard to change. Well, I gave this to my manager and he just rolled his eyes. Well...
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    Does anyone at this bb use foam and do you have a chemical recipe? Would like something that cleans up well, with rgards to the foamer equipment.:)
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    Fall Protection

    Back in February 07 one of my managers had a serious fall from a single story fixed ladder. All the details and drama related to this event is unimportant. OSHA was called in and this created more drama to the event. But what this did was to make me take a good look at how my company and my...
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    Phil Ackland Issues

    Several weeks ago, I was informed that Phil Ackland was presenting his menu of programs to IKECA. At that time I was excited over the prospects of a renewed association relationship with one of the original founders. Then I learn from another person who stated that the program was rejected...
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    Bigboy Has a Birthday

    Happy Birthday-go catch a some catfish-enjoy the day. David:p
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    Digital Camera?

    I am in the market to buy a good quility digital camera. I am looking at Sony's CDM 3.3 MPEG./3 inch CD. Any one have any info to share? David
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    Tie Off

    I am curious how other companies tie off on poor roof conditions. This last week I looked at a job that had a painted green roof that had a snow angle to it. What I decide to do is put a access door at the attic vertical to the fan. Lots of room in the attic and the vertical is open. I told...
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    Full time Hood Cleaner?

    I would like to get some information from some of our hood cleaning companies. I am interested in those companies that clean hoods that represent 80% of their income. Are you certified under PWNA or ? I am just curious. Please send me a email or a bb mesg. David
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    Help for Hood Cleaner!!

    Need some help from you Fleet People. We only clean hood systems and I would like my manager to PW our vans and trucks. Would like to know of a Auto degreaser, that would clean the grease smudges of my equipment. The chemicals that I use would remove the paint and so on. Would like to...
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    Roof Lights?

    Anyone have any new ideas or old ones regarding roof lights-I have used Wheat Lights-RayoVac head lamps and so on. My employees want Quartz/ Halogen. I can just seen the light after a 20 foot fall off a wet roof. Any suggestions??? Thanks David
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    West Coast Buying Group

    Who would be interested in forming a buying group on the West Coast? Just a group of five plus companies that could gain a price advantage on chemicals, gas card lock and a few more items. We could form this without talk and long posts regarding how great we all are. I think we can save some...
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    Would You Pay $50 a Year?

    That comes out to $4.16 per month for this BB. The shared information on this BB is worth every penny. How Dan is able to maintain this BB is beyond me. Today I will send Dan a unsolicited check for $50 so that he will be able to maintain/modify this BB. We as a group should be willing to...
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    Brand New Waterwash!

    I have a new account that has 3 Waterwash units that are in the box so to speak. I have never activated a new system. Please leave a E-mail so I can contact you by phone. The hood builder unnamed is not helpful along with the chemical company. My first reaction was to pass this along to that...
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    Filter Soak Tanks

    We have always soaked the stores filter in the sinks. This has worked fine for all these years. In reading a article is a newsletter, several companies have soak tanks. They ether have on the truck or they bring them into the store. One company uses a galvanized box with a valve to a drain...
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    Scrapper Tools

    Does anyone know where I can buy some quality pole scrappers. I understand some guy makes some good custom grease tools, anyone have a name? Thanks David ------------------
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    Need a solution

    Last year one of my fine industrial food service units built a new 3 level building. After the general design they decided to add a cafeteria, thus the builder built multi horizontal runs going all over the place sealed and fire coded. The builder put all the access door on the bottom of the...
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    Any out in our wonderful land use a Palm or Handspring? Thinking about buying a Visor/color-Any suggestions are welcome and needed. Thanks David ------------------
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    General "REPLY" Question

    Each time I post a reply to a post, I must put is UserName and Password. Is this something new or am I doing something wrong? I have had to reply this way since the Texas move. Please help!!!!!!!! David ------------------
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    A Call Out to NC

    I sent someone on the BB a E-mail to give me a call regarding hood service info. or ? He called at the proper time and I forgot? The person didn't leave his number or name that I could understand. Sometimes we Californians get more sun than we need. Please call back and leave number or...
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    Chat Room- Romper Room

    This night,10/18 went on at 715 PM West, and I found several kids talking gang talk on the chat room. I could only make out every 5th word at best. They did not take kindly to my lack of proper kid gang verbiage. I would think that we have some safeguards to protect this BB. Any ideas...