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    Cheaper House washes

    morgan i can relate to your situation,i have a little girl who was born with cerebral palsy and have gone through many surgeries and each time with the help of god she returns home with a smile.i keep my full time job for insurance purposes and dont know what i will do without it. sometimes...
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    washer will start hot

    washer will not start hot put a new magneto on a 18 brigg and stratton engine, it starts right up cold but after i use it and shut it off it wont restart untill its cooled off.i also added some of those quick start plugs.what could be causing this?thanks
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    Water tanks

    scott i am in the market for a tank let me know if he is willing to ship.i am also looking to add a second surface cleaner i saw a guy cleaning with a landa last night and fell in love with it,if anyone has a good use one that they want to sale e-mail me.thanks
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    Pricing Auto Dealers

    no problem tony,i just washed my truck and i am exhausted, i can not imagine how i would feel washing that many cars,but would not mine the feel of the cash in my you have to reclaim the run off?
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    Pricing Auto Dealers

    Ron i guess it could have something to do with jewelry ,if something is really clean such as a car are all that concrete you clean i say it bling bling (the luster of something really clean that catches your eye).the way Bigboy make those rigs shine i'll say they bling bling.c-ya
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    Pricing Auto Dealers

    tony i am sorry i offended you but i am not questioning your integrity that was not my intent,if you would read your earlier post you said you wash between 2000 to 2300 a month now you saying a week,i just wanted to know is it 2000+ a month are week,man its obvious one of the post is not worded...
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    Pricing Auto Dealers

    tony i am not posting this question to start an argument maybe its a misprint ,on another board you said you wash 2200 a week,also was wondering do you pay your guys by the hour are by the unit.thanks
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    My yard is too high

    bigboy what are you using on the grass to kill the weed and wildgrass .i have been looking for something i can spray on my lawn to kill the weed but will not harm my did you rig that washer?seems to me all you would have to do do is down stream it.thanks ------------------ Jerome...
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    engine wont start

    it is not a vanguard its an i/c opposed twin,it only has one spark after it died and still no spark.i have not isolated the engine from the kill wire,i will give it a try.looks like i am going to have to take it to the repair shop ,as soon as i find out whats wrong with it i will post...
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    engine wont start

    because of the rain and my full time job i haven't had time to repair it,i don't have the luxury of an enclosed area to work.i have a few more questions if you guys don't mine,the armature has two plug wires and a terminal where a small black wire supposed to be attached is this black wire the...
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    Ron, Glenn, and Scott

    richard i am with you,i believe the color of his posts tells it all ------------------ Jerome Ware Master Clean
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    engine wont start

    i started my washer yesterday but after a few minutes it shut off, the engine just turns over but wouldn't start so i isolated the engine by unplugging the low oil shut down wire still nothing,so i replaced the coil i believe some call it the armature,its the part that attaches to the side of...
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    brick cleaning

    thanks for posting the sites ------------------ Jerome Ware Master Clean
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    brick cleaning

    need info on how to clean brick on new construction, it has mortar tags(excess mortar).i have tried the search feature but didn't come up with much.the brick mortar is red in color not for sure what kind of brick.from what i found on the search some use the turbo nozzle,does this do damage to...
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    free jobs

    i did the same thing at advance auto an automobile parts store and bingo that was the ticket.dont knock it till you tried it.thanks ron ------------------ Jerome Ware Master Clean
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    hello harold its nice to see someone else on the board is from alabama,i am located next to auburn your idea on the cart.if you dont mine could you seen me info on the specs.thanks ------------------ Jerome Ware Master Clean
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    Damage???????????????new pictures 02/12/01

    sorry everybody ------------------ Jerome Ware Master Clean
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    Damage???????????????new pictures 02/12/01

    the photos will be useful in a sales presentation, it all boils down to educating the customers and when these kinds of damages occur i feel it makes the industry as a whole look bad when in fact its just the ones who don't care are brings back up the old post about educating...
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    who is willing to agree with me ?????

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    small business info

    check this site out it has a lot of useful info,some of us newcomers have questions about setting a price just type setting price in the search. i dont know if i have this post in the correct forum ,if not sorry. ------------------