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    Sealing Bluestone or slate

    Hey I have a customer with a bluestone patio and she would like it cleaned and sealed. Anyone ever run into that? She does not want a glossy finish. I will post pics later
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    First Big job!

    Ok, one month in business. This was my second sale. It was a real nice sized driveway cleaning and seal along with some minor concrete repairs (crackfilling, deep popping and some crazing. After I finished the driveway he asked me to do his trex deck in the back of the house. Unfortunately I...
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    Hello Gents!

    Hi, My name is Brian. I am new to this site and this business. I have been in the asphalt business and saw an opening in this market and decided to go for it. I have been in business for one month! Things started slowly but are now picking up. If I ask a question that may seem silly to you...