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    Black Streaks on Roofs

    Hello, my husband has been using our house as a testing area for setting up his chemicals and getting them to the right strength stuff like that. He is using the TSP & Bleach/water mixture on the roof and it did clean it and lighten it up but he is having a hard time getting rid of the black...
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    Black Streaks on Gutters

    Can someone please tell me what they use to remove the black streaks off of the white gutters - we have been testing a few cleaners here at the house and nothing seems to work - any suggestions?? Thanks!! Donna Piedmont Pressure Washing
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    Hello from SW Virginia

    Hello, my name is Donna and my husband, son & I are starting a pressure washing business this spring. I have been on these boards a lot and finally I have learned a lot so far and will continue reading..... We are hoping to do mainly flat surface cleaning, sidewalks, driveways...
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    Gutter Pricing

    Hello, my husband, son & I are starting a PW Business this Spring and I have been doing a lot of reading on these boards and have learned a lot. But I do have one question. How do you charge on cleaning gutters? Do you charge separately for this service? if so can I get an idea of what...