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  1. Ryan Cash

    Preventative Maintenace Vs. Equipment Repairs

    @Ron Musgraves ...Any idea on this one?
  2. Ryan Cash

    Preventative Maintenace Vs. Equipment Repairs

    Thats awesome! Mind sharing what equipment you run?
  3. Ryan Cash

    How do you get rid of Red Clay Stains?

    There are a few areas in the country (normally in the south east) that have red colored clay/soil. But what causes it to be red? All soil in the world forms result from a combination of climate, organic life, inorganic material, relief and time. These specific soils have a red tint due to the...
  4. Ryan Cash

    surface cleaner tip recommendation.

    The first two numbers are the fan tip degree. The 25020 is the same as 2502. Technically, the size would be 2502.0. (2.0 orifice size) so you can leave the last "0" off if you'd like. Those tips will put you at around 3500-4000 PSI which will be kind of high for residential application...
  5. Ryan Cash

    Rooftec All-In-One Exterior Cleaning System + $500 of Free Chems!

    Through the end of the summer, if you pick up a Rooftec all-in-one exterior cleaning system, you'll get $500 worth of free chems! Rooftec Systems!
  6. Ryan Cash

    Hello Everyone

    There's a guy named Heath Felps who put together a budget build that might help you find what your looking for:
  7. Ryan Cash

    surface cleaner tip recommendation.

    I'm assuming your spinner has 2 nozzles? If so, i recommend 25025 That'd put you around 2500PSi or so. Might want to pick up some 25030's also to try out (these would drop your pressure to roughly 2000PSI).
  8. Ryan Cash

    Preventative Maintenace Vs. Equipment Repairs

    How much time a week do you spend on preventative maintenance with your equipment? ] How much time do you spend a week on equipment repairs. Usually the two of these have a pretty strong correlation and most the time, new guys in the industry don’t consider this. The more time you invest in...
  9. Ryan Cash

    Oil Changes on Engines and Pumps

    Maintaining your Equipment is key! If you want your machine to last, don't forget to follow the manufacturer's recommended maintenance schedule! We recommend changing your engine oil every 100 hours and changing the pump oil after the first 50 hours of operation, and then again every 500 hours...
  10. Ryan Cash

    Artillery Fungus: What is it?

    What are those Black spots on the siding? What is Artillery Fungus?, How do I remove these black spots on the side of this home? The first and most important step in cleaning anything is stain identification. Knowing what you are dealing with will allow you to properly clean and remove it...
  11. Ryan Cash

    You might be wrong about what that black stain is!

    What is the black staining growing on the roof? Is there Mold growing on the side of this home? What is this green algae? This write up is potentially going to be very niche and maybe a little technical. Let's discuss terminology. When talking about staining on siding to a customer, do you...
  12. Ryan Cash

    Exterior Cleaning Pricing Guide: Ryan Cash and Rooftec Systems

    How much do I charge for Roof Cleaning? What do I charge for pressure washing? Is ______ a good price for me to charge? There are a lot of factors that go into pricing for exterior cleaning. Where in the country are you working? What does your market look like? What is your overhead? Do you...
  13. Ryan Cash

    How to Do a Bucket Test: By Ryan Cash

    How do I know how many GPMs my machine is actually putting out? Do I need a buffer tank for my machine? Is there a way to measure the chemical draw rate of my machine? These are more of the questions I see a lot in groups from contractors who are fairly new to the industry. The good news is...
  14. Ryan Cash

    Roof Moss Removal: A Complete Guide by Ryan Cash

    Do you need to brush moss on a roof? How do you remove moss from a shingle roof? Will SH kill roof moss? I often see these questions pop up in groups and most of the times, the answers I see vary pretty wildly. Usually the answer will come in some form of: “Treat moss with X% SH. The Moss will...
  15. Ryan Cash

    How Do you Clean a Home with Koi?

    Let’s Talk Koi Fish. How do you clean siding when a customer has Koi Fish? First, did you know the most expensive Koi fish ever was sold for 2.2 Million Dollars? Although most customer’s won’t have million dollar fish, it’s not uncommon to see residential koi can cost upwards of $5,000 each...
  16. Ryan Cash

    The Proper Safety Equipment for Exterior Cleaning

    What safety gear do I need for pressure washing? What is PPE? Do I need PPE for soft washing? What kind of respirator do I need? I watch a lot of videos online of people cleaning homes and one thing I notice is that wearing the proper PPE is VERY rare. Let’s start simple. PPE stands for...
  17. Ryan Cash

    Ladder Safety with Ryan Cash

    How to You Prevent Falls from Ladders? How Can you be safe on a ladder? Are Ladders Safe? Is my ladder setup ok? These are all questions that run through our heads whenever we work at heights on a jobsite. Did you know that CDC statistics show that 43% of fatal falls in the last decade...
  18. Ryan Cash

    Fall Safety App: This could save your life!

    For those of us who walk roofs, climb ladders, or work at heights in general, I want to point you to an app that could save your life, especially if you work alone. I'll begin by saying, this is not my app and I have no relation to this app or it’s creators. I just have used it for a while and...
  19. Ryan Cash

    How Many GPMs do you Need to Clean?

    How many Gallons Per Minute do you need for a machine? What size pressure washer should I get? Is 3 GPM enough for residential cleaning? I hear these questions a lot from contractors who are just getting into the industry. Many wonder if their small machine is adequate, and others wonder if...
  20. Ryan Cash

    High Priced Sales Tip: Ryan Cash and RoofTec Systems

    Very few people like sales, even fewer like sales of high ticket items. How do you act when you give a customer a quote? Are you worried your price is too high for them? Are you nervous about what your answer will be to any objections they give? How will you close the sale? Do you lower the...