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    Cleaning Surface Cleaner Skirts

    Yep...with EBC though :)
  2. New Look

    If someone started a new organization?

    4 garages......Nice. I am sure we will run into each other at some point John T.
  3. New Look

    If someone started a new organization?

    Old thread.... Good memories.... Interesting industry...... Back to washing...............see ya!
  4. New Look

    Is it Really About The Money? By Carlos Gonzales :confused:

    Thanks guys..... Late in my response been busy washing Doug - all means! John....Yep....looking forward to Nashville....never been there before!
  5. New Look

    EBC EnviroBioCleaner

    Here are some cool pics of EBC
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    The Purple Deck

    LOL....that would have taken me 2 days bro! I would rather deal with crap on a dumpster pad vs having to clean, sand and stain spindles.
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    The Purple Deck

    Wow...nice. Curious as to the man hours went into that Jake? I attempted to get into wood restoration about 8 years or so ago.....I do not have the patience for it.
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    EBC EnviroBioCleaner

    Thank you sir!
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    EBC EnviroBioCleaner

    Here is a video hot off the press..... Had my belt snap on my hot water unit without a back up, so I put EBC to the test with cold water. It worked great. Thanks Carlos Gonzales! - Jon Karmazyn, Power Washing Easton PA
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    Who's Using Concrete Stain or Colored Sealer?

    Rich Colletti was working on something for this last year....not sure if he ever came to market with it. Seal N Lock out of Florida!
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    Who still post here from the early days of this bulletin board?

    I have been around awhile....didnt post for a very long time.
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    EBC EnviroBioCleaner

    Mark we are very pleased to have Easy Clean Systems as a Distributor for EBC.
  13. New Look

    Complete Restoration Of Deck

    Very nice work Everett.....
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    Yes sir....will never part from my M5
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    Water Rationing In 2014 ?

    Should be interesting to see how this plays out. Folsom is pretty low from what I have heard....
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    New Faster Server

    Is the FB mode done?
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    "Undesirable" jobs?

    Compact dumpster cleaning is my least favorite......
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    MESS QUEST Submit your mess for a chance to win $500

    Is this still going on?
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    Come on MARK.....

    Congrats Mark... I was told a long time ago that Children is God's way of saying that the world must go on!!!!