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    Who's using a WADU®?

    I succesfully found a way that doesn't work. Using a Wadu to soda blast boat hulls. It worked. It just wasn't cost or time effective. Great experiance. But I'll check it off my to "Wadu" list.
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    golf buggyies?

    That's funny, I don't care who you R.
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    just starting out

    Welcome to the board. To answer your question, use the "search+" till you can't take it no more. Spend 50 hours reading and you'll learn more than you'd think there was to learn about this business. It'll save you asking questions and waiting for someone to respond. Most things are in there.
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    Selling all my customers and machines here in Miami!

    Please post more details on equiptment.
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    Brick cleaning & staining video

    Nice change compared to just the normal before and after pics.
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    Hello from Canada

    Hi Marc Welcome aboard. Where in Cananada r u from ??? Alot of the guy's on here clean every thing that can't run away. Use the search function and you'll see what people are using.
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    Mystery Stuff on Rock Home

    Daniel E-mail a picture to Larry at Diedrich Technologies. He's their tech support guy. Or as Ken says, Eaco Chem, or even call Prosoco. That's why they have technical assistance department's.
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    Concrete in put?

    On and Off the Soapbox Although there is more than just Michael and Ken saying it, worrying about how cheap other competitors are is not what to look for. It's more a matter of how expensive are my other competitors. Why leave money on the table. If all we were was splash and dash it would be...
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    Fleat Washing

    U r bedder oof seling, knot cpellng, butt den agen, eye jest hid da cpell chek at da tup uf da skreen, an pooff Im liderate. Bud, den nobudi sed nutting bout dis beein in pwr warshing sted uf fleets. Twoday i's gots me losts uf tyme.
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    +*the List*+

    Someone on one of the boards said they can wash anything that can't run away.
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    Two machines on two spigots?

    cheap Cheap. Pool socks, that are used for keeping pool covers on in the winter.. $8.00 each. They are 4' long. Won't last as long as fire hose, but you asked for cheap. Fill with water, then just drain and roll up.
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    repairing alkota heating coil

    I pulled the same boat anchor move last winter. Took the coil to a radiator welder and it's worked all year so far. Hope I didn't just jinx myself.
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    messed up a quote what do i do!!!!!!!

    Scrappy Glad to hear you came out of it unscathed. I like the ending to the situation. Congratulations. Today is the third time (job) I have been to in the last month to try and fix what someone else has taken a pressure washer to. We ( I ) get a little irritated trying to fix other...
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    Message from hard working person

    I got this in an E-mail, thought I'd share. I'm sure it applies to the USA as well. I work for my company, they pay me, I pay taxes out of that and the government distributes my taxes as they see fit. In order to earn that pay cheque, as the work I do is both dangerous and important, I am...
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    messed up a quote what do i do!!!!!!!

    Scrappy Don't get defensive. It'll only make things worse. You screwed up HUGE. The quote is a very MINOR part of it. Gentle pearl of wisdom. Take what ever anyone on hear throws at you on the chin on this one. You deserve it. Now in saying that as nicely as I could, I do hope you...
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    power brooms

    pbrennan Welcome to the board. Please fill in your user ID. More people will be willing to help. If you use the search function at the top of the page you'll find out that those of us that bought them either use them for paper weights or don't even know where they are any more. I'll guess and...
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    Do I use cash or credit to start up?

    Paying cash for your stuff takes the stress off. It's not costing you to sit there when you aren't busy. You have to start some where. All my stuff is mine, other than "MY" truck (leased). Start with used and or a 4gal machine. Building as you go. You'll soon find out what you need and want...
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    Do I use cash or credit to start up?

    You can have the best mouse trap on the market, but if you can't sell it, it's worthless. I'll agree wholeheartedly with Ken.
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    As i awoke this morning When all sweet things are born A Robin perched upon the sill The sign of the coming morn The bird was young & cheerfuly & gay And so sweetly did it sing Jumped into my heart was love and laughter Tiss spring The bird sang for quite a while Then stopped for a...
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    Airless Sprayer

    M&M Yes I've used airless to spray decks. Some love it. Not my fav but have done it. Use the search function and you'll find most things you need.