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  1. Jon

    Where do retired Power Washers go?

    I'm flattered, speechless, deaf, ah wait I was born mostly deaf so that does not count! Really all of you and most I recognize here thanks, I know I don't stop by often but I have never forgot any of you, I made a lot of friends while pressure washing and although I may not keep in touch with...
  2. Jon

    Where do retired Power Washers go?

    Hi y'all, those that know me and the newer ones that don't, does not matter if you enjoy playing with high pressure water hoses:) As Mark said I would stop by and say hello but he failed to say what he would do to me if I did not stop by, see I have known that old man for many a year and keep...
  3. Jon

    Another busted weekend

    Larry you are still a hoot, doubt you will ever change. Let me tell you one thing, we all know about week-end warriors, low ballers etc. well it is no different selling books. You would be surprised how many sell a book for a penny, I kid you not, I buy some new books and they might cost...
  4. Jon

    link won't work

    Any idea why the link in my signature will not work here when it does on another board? Could one of you Mods or Admin. fix it for me if there is something you need to turn on or change so it works. Thanks, Jon
  5. Jon

    Hi Peeps, This cracked me up!

    Dang if it ain't Cody Orange, how you doing guy? drop me an Email if you have time.
  6. Jon

    Another busted weekend

    Y'all got cabin fever. Take two asprins and call Doc. Jon in the morning to get my current address so y'all can send the money y'all owe Doc. Jon for his advice.
  7. Jon

    New Org.

    And I thought I could trust John T. knowing what he does for a living, oh wait he is in NY, sorry I forgot. Oh and Larry who was it told me ya rednecks was honest people, are you by chance related to John T.? Dan S. Things are working ok with me, long road to full recovery if it happens...
  8. Jon

    pressure clean new orleans ?

    Joe Burke, If your serious about getting into pressure washing you would need to go work for a week free to gain experience with one that is not in your area. Reason being no one is going to teach a local competitor how to do the work and then chance that person taking his livelyhood...
  9. Jon

    New Org.

    All this yapping about different business Orgs has got to stop as this has been going on for years, the Pro vs. Con. Like the Elephant vs. the Donkey it never ends. So here's the deal there is a new ORG being started and EVERYONE MUST JOIN there are NO AND IF OR BUTTS about it. This new...
  10. Jon

    Are you a PWNA member

    How many of you guys belong to your local Chamber of Commerce? Is that not an ORG.? If you said yes to one or both explain why then PWNA or any other business specific ORG. would not help your business and why you joined your CC in the first place?
  11. Jon

    Starting A Business in California

    Tough asking competitors to help you start a business against them. I would suggest first making a business plan. Second check with your city about business licenses. Third learn about the CWA and what laws you have to follow to be legal in So. CA. Forth, work for someone free for a...
  12. Jon

    Best Powerwash Book Out There!!

    Class 1, You asked about BOOKS so here is what I would recommend buying and just this one will take care of things. Everything else you will learn by experience and from the boards. To my knowledge there is only one or two places to buy it but I won't list it here. Feel free to...
  13. Jon

    licence & equipment

    CCPC, You got them there too, one name is Janet Reno but she only thinks she has nuts!
  14. Jon

    licence & equipment

    No such thing as stupid but I strongly suggest you take some business classes first. Your close to me and I can tell you this before you even spend one penny YES you need a business license and much more, insurance, reclaim equipment, working capitol, the right equipment and an understanding...
  15. Jon

    Social Security

    Mark not sure how deep you want to go into this but first let me make myself clear, fireman and law enforcement deserve and most times earn their pay. I have two brothers in laws that are police and we have talked about things like this where they live and beleive me not all police...
  16. Jon

    Social Security

    Excuse me Cody, are you feeling well, I mean that has got to be the shortest post you've ever done. Did those strong winds knock all the air out of you or is "old" age creeping up on you buddy? As Scott said it all depends, here in CA they do that all the time, climb the ladder of...
  17. Jon

    Email addresses

    Dan F. heck all of you, Just waiting for the appointment date for my second surgery on my eye so I can hopefully be back to normal and read with it. So far the first surgery was a total success so I can see but not read. Life's a beach and I want to move back to the beach too!
  18. Jon

    Email addresses

    Speaking of Dan Flynn just what is he up to nowadays since he moved back North with his family? Dan Flynn feel free to Email me as it would be nice to hear from you. Jon
  19. Jon

    She's Here!

    Bridget CONGRATS. Scott your wrong, she will start washing the little one soon enough, Oh you mean Pressure Washing! Dan S. Once they are out of the house come back and say you wish they would move back in, and when they do with their wife and 9 kids I bet you will say I wish they would...
  20. Jon

    New Star Wars Trailer

    I would almost say it is funny if his pants fell down and he tripped or he hit the camera but I think it is plan stupid. But that is just my opinion.