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    Machine opion desperatly needed

    My northern machine went down yesterday,the bearings went and it wasnt the easiest to fix being the crankshaft rusted on to a part of tthe engine its a direct drive with cat pump.Im looking for a belt drive 4gpm cold 3000 with a cat and having a hard time finding this machine with cat already in...
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    Adding Pinesol To Detergent Problem

    I use a mix of bleach ,house wash soap and just recently ive been adding the pinesol to leave a nicer smell then bleach but the pine oil in this cleaner has been leaving runoff stains on blacktop from the pine oil in pinesol.Any one have any other remedies to mask the strong smell of bleach.Im...
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    Newbee's everywhere

    Ron no offense but your still part time and low ball everyjob I think you are running around doing 2 story homes 99 to 125 with gutters. Its a shame soon this market will be flooded and it wont pay to do it anymore no matter what jobs i do it always comes out to 85 to 110 an hour but i also...
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    Don't jump ship just yet!

    have you tried i purchased mine 2 months ago but it is tough to get the guy to answer the phone .I just ordered from e spec and noticed extenda wand had full page ad on the back page.
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    short cuts /free line with every biz #

    I agree with mike, biz line if your business if no biz line your not professional there is no short cuts,our season lasts 8 mnths strong i dont advertise in the paper because you wont pick up 10 to 15 thousand $ jobs.I prefer the advertising that dosent make me a weekend xtra buck kinda guy...
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    Opinons on house washing detergents?

    Looking to experiment this year on house washing detergents ive used a few good and bad and was curios if anyone had an opinon on r109,limonene or any others that are out there you found to work very effectively with or without adding bleach and window results as per spotting.Ive used northern...
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    Extenda wand Results are IN

    About time i heard truth ,Big you own the 16 pounder i v only been to 14, bass that is my freinds still yell at me or eatin it?Inever take without a cause or reason and i also like to know where my fish cum from
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    Blue wand picture #1

    Hey john whatd ya think of the extenda wand?
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    Extenda wand Results are IN

    I got the 1/4 i use the xjet for all detergent apps. I spray the zap on straight and get 1.50 a lft for that alone.So you should be pretty busy,the hook is good quality but i havent used it yet.
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    Extenda wand Results are IN

    Found the wand to do to be pretty sturdy at 24ft with a 45deg.Im very happy with the push button but i will say if using for a while ide get the back belt all in all it was worth the money its quite lite and easy to handle with pressure.This may be as much of an asset as the xjet for me at least.
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    Does Anyone Know This Wood?

    hey ron this stain will melt right off with the stripper cpr thats what i use.just need the temp to warm up
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    Extenda wand results.

    Didnt use today had to reschedule im using tommorow for sure but i got the accesories but not the belt the guy said i didnt need it but ive had a 24 northern and this is 24 well constructed ill say that .I cant wait to try it
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    Lookin for part timers in central NJ sub

    Im doing alot of large condo work and am looking for aguy with a machine and some idea how to do decks good xtra money and easy to work with.You can email me at if interested
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    Does Anyone Know This Wood?

    It was actually stained with a stain that has a green tint like a bulkhead or dock pylons.Its cca alright but do you think the stain will come off?
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    Does Anyone Know This Wood?

    THey would like the green appearance gone is there any stain or sealer after cleaning that will do that?
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    Extenda wand results.

    Received extenda wand today trying tommorow its heavier then expected .Ill tell all tomorrow
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    Does Anyone Know This Wood?

    Im doing condos that have decks attached, the decks are green but not mold i mean the guy who washed and sealed them either applied a product that tints the wood green or this is the strongest treated wood ive everseen .Its cca pine or maybe i cant think of the name .Just curios if any one has...
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    Tin Roof

    Ritchie try this company have what your lookin for.Now i have ? for you i recieved 3 tickets today for bolony items being the end of the month 1 failure to inspect ,Ihad a chip in the windshield 2 Wrong insurance card not my new one 3 no seat belt.Is there any way i can lower...
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    Drought Regulation Steps?

    Im curios on any information regarding water restrictions and how if possible i would be exempt 'from water usage during restricted drought times?Im in nj and its looking very bad for drought this year. thanx jim