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    Rust on vinyl siding and concrete

    OXALIC is the best way just mix with warm water and use a pump up a search on this site for dealers
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    Cant find 12.5% bleach

    go to the pool supply store and ask for sodium hypoclorite or pool shock its one in the same.p.s. excuse the spelling
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    someone please help

    I had the same problem on my pump a comet. I took it to my repair shop and they diagnosed it as the springs . I dont remember the name but take the large nuts off on the pump body there are springs encased in a plastic retainer .If they are broke just replace them I have had to do this twice in...
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    Washing Stucco

    I come across alot of dryvit in my area and had to go to the manufactures web site to learn to clean it . I use very low pressure and light cleaners . Be prepared to use a brush on tough stains . Generally mold and mildew come off without a problem but red clay requires a little srcubbing. Be...
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    help with smeared mortar on bricks

    There is a brick showroom in my town that stocks Proso co products ,I have not used Vanitrol like Celeste but am using 600 new masonary cleaner which is a little stronger than Vanitrol but safer on colored mortor. After searching through this site I decided on a product with hydrocloric instead...
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    Larger Pressure Washer

    ive read on this board where a person has doubled his gpm by running 2 machines at once. how hard would it be to get this setup im running 4.0 cold but would love to set a 2nd machine and get 8.0 .
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    Historical Cleaning

    i would appreciate any replies also , i was looking at doing some volunteer work for a cemetary here in town . it would be grafiti removal for the most part . would there be any concerns for chemical reactions with the old stones or delicate issues with pressure? should be a mix of everything...
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    Red Clay Stains

    sorry forgot to explain the Georgia Red Clay thing. thanks for clarifying J&J
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    Red Clay Stains

    Just got through with a new construction clean up and wanted to post a few pics. It may not look all that impressive but I work in Georgia.
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    thanks all.
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    how involved is it to convert from a direct drive to a belt drive pump , im asking this because i ve seen that i can boost my gpm and lower my psi without having to buy a new engine . right now im pushing 4.0 cold with 13 hp ive seen where i can get up to 5.50 running the same engine and was...
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    thanks in advance

    thanks for the replies my computer crashed and i was just able to check them. i did a spot test with a pump sprayer using mirachem house wash and had good results . i was just looking for any other tips to help .
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    thanks in advance

    The job consists of cleaning off the mildew which is light, no striping or restaining . Im pretty confident in my bidding abilities and was looking for any tricks you all have picked up. the house is mainly brick with the siding as a trim to transition to the roof with very light mildew .
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    thanks in advance

    i've won a bid on a cedar house today and need help ,this house is stained cedar and has light mildew on parts .my question is do i tackle it like a siding house or are there any other ways/chems that can help me .
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    I am way out of line!

    Dont worry or second guess yourself , I had the same thing happen to me where i got lowballed bad . i went back after the guy did the job and got complete satisfaction at the striping of the concrete and told the owner next time call me and ill be happy to give him another estimate.
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    Is there a general formula for determining downstreaming ratios , I was trying to figure out what ratio to premix my cleaning solution before downstreaming so that when it is applied i'll have a good mixture. any help would be appreciated
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    Pay scales around your areas?

    im my own boss and dont even pay myself a free lunch,are you hiring?
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    Hey PowerWash mind sending one my way?
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    Full or Part-Timer?
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    Full or Part-Timer?

    This is a part time job ,joined in a partnership 2 years ago with my Sgt. and have bought out his business when he retired.the money is good in warmer months havent had a call in 6 weeks .but i plan on marketing heavily in the spring cleaning roofs as i have not seen anyone else doing so .So...