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  1. Doug Rucker

    Swirls on new tile

    Your going to have to try and restore it. Contact Craig Harrison at and he can guide you or proper steps and procedures.
  2. Doug Rucker

    Taginator or Elephant Snot for Brick

    NEITHER REALLY....I USE BARE BRICK from Worlds Best....taginagtor I used one time and got some on my skin and burned badly......elephant Snot I have never used
  3. Doug Rucker

    New name for new surfactant

    We use this now and sell a lot of it....great for house washing and roof cleaning and also has a scent
  4. Doug Rucker


    Welcome to PWN
  5. Doug Rucker

    New member

    Welcome to PWN
  6. Doug Rucker

    Gutter cleaning

    Interesting on the spray on and spray off....never seen that in a product. Usually always need some type of agitation expect on the really white shiny ones. Those we can spray on and spray off.
  7. Doug Rucker

    Soft Wash System Roof Cleaning

    We also have these available in 12V Models..
  8. Doug Rucker

    specialized foliage protection

    Sounds like the old edger thing from a few years back
  9. Doug Rucker

    Soft Wash System Roof Cleaning

    If you are need of a soft wash system for roof cleaning, you will want to look at this system. Comes complete with the pump, reel, hoses, gun, nozzles, and the mixing unit so you don't have to batch anymore.
  10. Doug Rucker

    Up Stream Injection Pressure washing

    That code don't look good
  11. Doug Rucker

    Houston Pressure Washing Training Event

    Join us for my 5th annual FREE Houston Texas Pressure Washing Training Event. This years event is once again being held at the Courtyard Marriott located in Kingwood Texas. Soft Wash Roof Cleaning, Hard Surface Restoration, Paver and Concrete Cleaning and Sealing, Wash Water Control...
  12. Doug Rucker

    Starting a Pressure Washing Business Training

    Was great having Leo and Juan in this week for our Pressure Washing School. Leo is local here to Houston from Sugarland and Juan is from Austin Texas.
  13. Doug Rucker

    How is everyone?

    I'll be there
  14. Doug Rucker

    New to PWN

    Welcome to PWN Chris...
  15. Doug Rucker

    Kingwood Texas Roof Cleaning

    Here’s another KINGWOOD Roof Cleaning.
  16. Doug Rucker

    Damaged Concrete

  17. Doug Rucker

    Nozzle maintenance / Pressure Washers

    Makes me cringe when I see people using nozzles worn like the ones on the left.
  18. Doug Rucker

    Hide The Women & Children

    Hey John, getting ready to close out the year w a bang....
  19. Doug Rucker

    Waiting for Christmas to happen

    Waiting for Christmas to happen