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    sand faced brick

    What would you guys use on sand faced brick to remove really bad mold and mildew stains without damage. I know pressure needs to be kept very low. ------------------ John May
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    Supply Hose diameter?

    For those who carry their own water tank, What size hose(diameter) do you have going from your tank to the washer? I am currently using a hose the same size as a garden hose but am thinking about buying one larger in diameter to increase water flow a bit. I am guessing that you can pick up...
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    cracked pistons

    I have to replace the ceramic pistons in my washer(2 are cracked). I am wondering on a skill level how hard this is. To any one who has done this-do I need special tools or anything and do I replace the bolts with them also? It is an Interpump EZ3040G(3000 psi, 4gpm). Also where is my best...