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    A cop is out sandbaggin' his favorite stop sign one morning when he sees a guy roll through it and not stop. He chases the guy down and begins to admonish him. "Sir, you have to stop at stop signs." "But I slowed down." "Yes sir but you didn't stop." "Yes, but I did slow down."...
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    Anyone know why men name their penis? (penises?...peni? Oh well, you get the point.)
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    Because they can't stand the thought of a complete stranger making 90% of their decisions.
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    True to form

    In response to a rumor of a class action suit by several female mid-managers, a fortune 100 company, that had NO female presidents or vice-presidents, hired a consulting firm to review its human diversity policies. After an exhaustive review the consultants came in and told the CEO of the...
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    I have been asked to clean a driveway by someone who has a washer and has used it on the drive already. His problem, and mine, is that there are dark spots in the concrete that won't come out. It appears that the previous owner allowed the mold and mildew to build up and stay indefinately and...