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    Pwi ?

    David, I just tried to log on to PWI, and unlike earlier when we were talking, I found a the page was from something called At least it was not a sleazy porn site like happened to Rusty ace.
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    PWI, unable to access

    I cannot access PWI, who is the current owner/operator and how do I contact them? Douglas Hicks General Fire Equipment Co of Eastern Oregon, Inc
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    Emmplyees Needed/Jobs

    I've been listening to the hurricane coverage on NPR as I clean and restock vehicles. Sounds as if one of the long term problems may be the total destruction of the infrastructure, and of business. People are leaving the area because of the lack of services, jobs, business. Many of us owning...
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    Plastic rolls

    I would like to buy a pallet of plastic, 8 foot by 200 foot, 2 mil. Does any one have a good supplier. At present I pay $16.00 to $17.00 a roll at the local lumber yards. Douglas Hicks General Fire Equipment Co of Eastern Oregon, Inc
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    Jet X VS Foamer

    It is time to buy more equipment for hood cleaning. One of my accounts is upgrading the kitchen. They will have 2 hoods, 20 feet long, back to back. Each hood will have 2 ducts, which will go into a duct, both of which will go into one duct under the fan. This will be 25 feet of rise. The...
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    Slow/No Pay UPS

    UPS owes me money, some of which goes back 6 months. Does anyone have a phone number and a name of someone in the UPS that can help me get paid? Phone calls to Portland, Oregon go to an answering machine w/ no return calls. Douglas Hicks General Fire Equipment Co of Eastern Oregon, Inc
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    White smoke from burner exhaust

    I have white smoke coming from the burner exhaust. After pulling the trigger, it takes a long time to get heat at the gun, and the smoke is always white. Even when the gun is shut off, I see white smoke, just less when the gun is on. The fuel tank is full, I have not made any adjustments or...
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    Time Estimates

    I have noted with interest the various requests for help in pricing jobs. I do not care what the dollar figure is in pricing, just the estimated time to clean an exhaust system. I know my labor and material cost. What I have difficulty in figuring is the time to do a job. We need a discussion...
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    Vanguard Engine Smoking

    Yesterday had a job cleaning 6 hoods. When I went to start my 16 HP Vanguard engine, it smoked a bit. Next time I went to start the engine, it smoked more and I had to fully choke the engine. Next time more smoke, more choking. The last hood we washed only because I cranked the engine with...
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    Duct not to code

    I recently did an exhaust system cleaning job. The system was installed in July of 2000. The hood is a back draft, with a vertical duct for 6 feet, a 90 degree bend horizontally for 10 feet, a 90 degree bend vertically for 4 feet and another 90 degree bend that exits the building to the fan on...
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    Appliance BBS

    Does anyone know of a board for appliance repair? Commercial stoves, fryers and such. Thanks Douglas Hicks General Fire Equipment Co of Eastern Oregon, Inc
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    ignition switch inoperative

    went to shut down my Vanguard 16 HP and the key switch will not shut off the engine. I 've been choking the engine to death the last few days, something I usually reserve for the computer. The Key switch starts the engine, just won't shut it off. I assume the switch itself is bad. Any...
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    Mildew on Wall tent

    My hunting camp set-up is a 10 X 16.5 wall tent w/ a separate 10 X 12 kitchen on the front of the main wall tent. The fabric is canvas. I have a mildew stain on the front entry panel of the kitchen. How do I get it off, and keep it off? Do I use bleach, and if so what strength? Do I hose...
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    Low pressure

    Monday I replaced one of the ceramic pistons (it was cracked) in my TS 2021 general pump. Tuesday nite we did a Burger King. The Presure Washer had very low pressure. I shut off the machine, pulled the supply hose from the tank, had good flow. Then I pulled the hose from the unloader (YVB7K...
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    Mosmatic Spinner doesn't

    Some time ago I bought a Mosmatic Spinner Nozzle. I has been working great, a time saver and the vertical ducts are much cleaner. But the thing seams to have lost power, and does not spin as fast. I did remove the nozzles, they are clean and not obstructed. Water comes out of both nozzles...
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    Burner fires all the time

    My problem is the opposite of Tim's. My burner will not shut off automatically. the burner fires with the gun open or shut. Sunday the hot water did not work, replaced the hi-limit switch, still no hot water. Monday I had my service man work on the PW. He replaced the micro-switch in the...
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    Cleaner Times Link

    The link to Cleaner Times does not work, or it it just me? Douglas Hicks General Fire Equipment Co of Eastern Oregon, Inc
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    Thermostat on Elite

    I have a ***** RK27 (Elite3005VGEVBD). At 244 hours I had to have the 12 Volt transformer,And the hi-limit switch (220 F) replaced. My service tech said the initial problem was a loose connection. he also replaced the fuel filter and put a 1.75 GPM 80 degree nozzle in. The nozzle replaced a...
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    Burner slow to fire, white smoke

    Wednesday nite I started to clean a resturant exhaust hood. The burner put out lots of white smoke before firing properly and giving me hot water. All evening I did not have a high enough temp water. I have a RK27 ***** ( it is really an Elite machine model 3005VGEVBD) with a 12V Becket...