Aaladin Power Washer Burner Side Problems

I purchased an aaladin power washer from work about 3 years ago. The power washer started up and worked fine when I got it home.
The burner side on the other hand would not fire. I played around with the electrodes and got it to fire twice and then nothing. I called aaladin and they told me how to check the ignitor. While checking that I noticed a hole burnt through the side of the ignitor so I just left it. I had fuel going to burner, nice spray etc. This year I pulled it out and replaced the ignitor. I fired it up and now I have no fuel going to the burner. The fuel pump is returning the fuel back to the tank etc. I also have no spark from the ignitor (testing with a screw driver). I have 120v going into the ignitor. I have by passed the high limit switch and the vacuum switch. I still can't get fuel out of the pump. My unit is a 1000psi 120v setup.

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