Cedar Deck - re-staining


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I've got a 3 year old cedar deck.

It has Wolmans F&P stain on it.

Last year I used the Wolman Deck Brightener on it and restained it.

It took a beating this winter and there are areas where the bare wood is exposed. Not sure why it got so beat up.

I was going to re-coat it with the stain. Wolman said to use the DeckStrip product, which is not what I did last time...and is making me think that I did it wrong last time.


I've also used Sodium Percarbonate in the past too.

Thanks for any advice on the best way to proceed.
Greg from NJ


New Member
Strip, brighten, sand and stain. Sand with 60 grit and use s good penetrating stain. I have had lots of success with armstrong clark

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