China Linear Actuators

Designed for use in outdoor with good Ingress Protection to IP 66. Ideal for natural and smoke ventilation application where the product are mounted externally and subject to harsh environment. Strong linear actuator for used in heavy roof ventilator or big windows. Intelligent control is regular and Conventional current limiting controls available upon requested.
· IP 66 protection
· Strong linear actuator for up to 1000N, and 1000m stroke
· Corrosion resistance
· Meets B300 (300°C/30 Mins) EN 12101-2 annex G.
· Meets EN12101-2 annex C cycling test for 10,000 cycles.
· Micro processor controlled synchronization up to 8 devices a standard.
· seal relief and finger protection.
· High speed version available to open 600mm in 60 seconds in bottom hung application
· Addressable version available for network control installation.
Voltage: 24 Vdc +/- 15% Ampere : 0.8-2A *speed dependent
Stroke: 100-1,000mm Push/Pull forces: 700N or 1000N
Clamping forces: 4,000N Speed: 3.5mm/S, 10mm/S*
*high speed version Housing: Extruded aluminum
Finishes: anodized Cable: 1 meter silicon cable
Ingress Protection: IP 66 Endurance: 10,000 cycles on 30% duty cycle
Weight : 3.6 kg (1000mm) Synchronization: external or internal China Linear Actuators

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