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Hello all,

Thanks in advance to everyone for sharing your points of view, I for one am grateful. I do have a couple of questions regarding wood deck cleaning and sealing.

1)When applying the initial deck cleaner/stripper, will a manual low pressure pump application work well followed by a pressure wash with straight water to flush and remove the dirt?.

2)Can the sealer can be applied the same way? With touch ups being done with a brush and roller?.

3) Can someone perscribe a tip that will be most effective?.

If anyone has any input please share. I am looking to add this service to my "resume" .
I am looking for reading material, videos that will assist me before I get into this type of specialized work.




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Hi Chris
As to answer your questions.
1. Yes you can use a garden pumpup sprayer to apply the
stripper or cleaner.That is the cheapest way.
I personally like using a sureflo pump 12vdc chem sprayer. The advantage of that is two fold.
one NO more pumping!! Two you can cut about 30-50% off the application time. Because no refilling and no pumping. Mine draws right from a 5 gal pail. The only draw back is the longer hose to drag around but for me it is worth it.
I use the same setup to apply my sealers also.
I hope that this helps. Tim Highfield

Tim Highfield


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As far as applying a stripper - I like a plastic bristle long handle broom (not a push broom) It gives you better control over the application, and when using stronger strippers - it is easier to keep the chemical off the customers building. In some cases it can damage brass kick plates, paint, and structural features.

Some sealers can be applied with a sprayer some such as an acrylic based sealer may clog the sprayer. With some oil based sealers you need to be VERY sure that you do not have runs on verticals or puddles on horizontals. (especially those that are not easily seen from from your vantage point. (from on the deck - the outer edges -- from off the deck - the deck side edges)

Tips will vary from one sealers viscosity to another. Oils apply different from acrylics, which apply different from water based.

It's not a one word answer.

I hope that helps!
Good Luck.

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Sorry I forgot about tip size.
I normally use a 15,25 and 40 degree to wash off strippers. It depends if I am doing the flatwork or the spindles. Tim

Tim Highfield


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Make sure you stain the entire board at the same time. When I was practicing on my deck I did one half at a time. When it dried I ended up having brush mark all through the center of my deck. Never made that rookie mistake again.

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