Do you have Replacement Value or Depreciated Value insurance on your equipment?


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It is about time to renew insurance on the business and equipment but found out that I have depreciated value on the trailer and equipment.

I have insurance through Nationwide.

I was told that they can only offer the depreciated value, not replacement value so I will be looking for replacement value insurance.

Do any of you have replacement value insurance on the inland marine policy, if so, who do you have insurance with?



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The last few times I called JW, they would not insure the equipment at all, said I was in a flood plain or something like that.

We are a little above sea level but not a flood zone by far.

I might give them a call again.


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I just got off the phone with Joe Walters and they don't have replacement coverage, just cash value.

I told chichi that some guys said that they have replacement value with jw and she told me that those guys need to call and she will explain it to them, they don't offer replacement value, only cash value based on the age of the equipment.

They still say that I live in a flood plain based on some zip code chart. We had 16" of rain in one day and the water never got into my yard from the street, this is ridiculous. I asked her if there is a flood damage waiver I can sign so that I can have the equipment covered for fire and theft.

I will have a price on the business insurance by tomorrow and know if I can sign a waiver for the flood damage on the equipment.

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Funny about you being in a "Flood Plain"

I have a lake no more then 10' from my back door and Delta Marshlands surrounding my county. We have flood warnings about 3-4 times a year.

I have my GL and Commercial Auto with Joe W. Love them to death....great customer service.

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