Does Networking really help at .......

Does Networking really help at 11:00 PM on a Saturday Night?

Last night at around 8 pm, one of our specialty Kubota diesel machines fuel filter got clogged. So I called the local auto parts store for a replacement. They did not have the correct fuel filter canister. This performance fuel filter was just over 1/2 quart. This fuel filter was bigger than the oil filter. We tried everything we could think of. I new where to get the part on Monday, but this would not help me tonight. Tonight is when I need it. I was cleaning a time sensitive garage that needed to be finished by early Monday morning before 5 am. So I called all the parts stores... Nothing. Then I started to call my business contacts and they started to call their's.

I get a call back at 10 pm. Jim, I found one, but you need to meet him at his house. The problem is it's just over an hour away from you and he will be going to bed at 11:00, so you got to hurry. As I am speeding at 80 mph in a 65 zone in a down pour, I was just thinking of the networking that went on to get this unique part. How all of my fellow business associates who have day jobs from 8 to 5 weekdays came together, some while having dining with their love ones, others while out on the town. They were all eager to help me, not asking for anything in return. Some using their influence to get the part that I needed tonight.

Thats what networking is about !

Jim Gamble
Crystal Cleaning Company LLC
Antioch, California 94509


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Thats old school networking. Today it's mostly about internet networking. I used to be like that with other welders in North Jersey. Call on a sat night for some materials or what ever, It is a great way to go.
I must be showing my age.... LOL

I'll tell you, it is nice to get someone who is a friend of a friend, who happens to know his neighbor who is a mechanic, who happens to have a brother who is a mechanic for industrial farm equipment who happens to have this one unit on his truck and gives it to you with a hand shake and a promise that you will send him a check.

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Good story Jim!! I need my network connections as some of them need me all the same. One time on a Sunday morning a good contact put a part on a greyhound bus 5 states away from me so I can pick it up around 5 pm that Sunday. This was one of my biggest jobs and we were up against a deadline with the place having a grand opening in just a few days. Jordon Sparks the American Idol winner that year was slated to sing for the grand opening.

The part came as per stated and we worked like dawgs for 3 more days where we had to be done by thursday morning 7am so the Place could be opened up at 9am for the Grand opening.

There was a reason why I took this job because of the size of it and how long we would work(24 straight hrs when need be) and there was a near impossible deadline causing other contractors to drop out.

End result that critical part and extra parts came on the Bus where we got it and worked and finished thursday at 8am. One our late but I just wouldn't shut down and they didnt stop me. Off we go, load the trailers and then gone. Of course we had a free invite to her and many business men for the opening but me and my guys went home and collapsed.

I really should have just showered and got back there but my brain was deprived of all oxygen and my thinking became skewed so off to bed I went and I woke up the next day. Like I lost a day in my life. The money was worth it though and as long as I don't miss any important family functions then I would do it again.

Here's a Youtube link of Jordan Sparks singing there YouTube - Jordin Sparks "Now You Tell Me"

and also a youtube link to give you a little idea of how big this mall is. It was over 350,000sq' of concrete that ran all over the place. We even cleaned inside the giant planters and also the iceskating rink before the ice was put in there. This Mall is cutting edge and it looks like Venice Italy and beautiful parts of Mexico combined.

YouTube - Regal Movie Theater Overview - Tanger Outlets - Deer Park, NY

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