For Sale Mighty Mobile LD-30 Mobile Wash Water Filtration System $995


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I have that same one, bought with rig on trailer but not a drop of water ran through it as the work I do does not need it unfortunately.

I have thought about selling it but not sure what they are worth, I spent about $4000 or $4500 years ago. I wonder if the sump pump would work if there was water in it? hahahahaha

That is a great price on that unit Mark, someone will be getting a great deal!

New Look

Registerd User
I want to talk to you more about it like the availability of the filters and cost of them etc. I am interested in it but need to discuss a few things with you.

I am on a gov. job for the next two days where I am not permitted to use my cell phone. I will holler at ya when I can....

Clean County

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Hey Mark-- I have that Steel Eagle Vac setup & burner. It says Easy Clean on it. I bought it around 4yrs ago from Eric Flynn from Texas who either bought it from you or from someone who initially bought it from you. This is one strong setup that we use often in parking garages.

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