Grease Removal and Kitchen Exhaust Systems

Grease Removal and Kitchen Exhaust Systems

Here is an excerpt from the article:

Even a properly designed and installed grease exhaust systems must be maintained. NFPA 96 is generally recognized as the governing standard regarding ongoing inspection and maintenance of commercial kitchen exhaust system, and states the exhaust systems "shall be cleaned to bare metal." This is not accomplished in kitchens for a variety of reasons:

* Poor maintenance on the part of the kitchen staff.
* Inadequate cleaning frequency.
* Incomplete cleaning services.
* Poor service accountability.
* Restaurant owners who do not want to pay for a proper service.

Proper inspection and maintenance is key in eliminating potential damage to the building housing the grease exhaust system as well as abutting properties. NFPA requires that the exhaust be inspected and cleaned by a person "properly trained, qualified and certified... acceptable to the authority having jurisdiction," but does not state what certified means. Training is becoming more available to meet the NFPA requirements and some jurisdictions have created a certification/licensing program.

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