Internet Browsers.....What is your favorite?

What is your favorite browser

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With all of the choices we have today for internet browsers, what is your favorite?

Browser Wars |

Browser Wars
IE9 and Firefox 4 have brought serious competition to favored upstart Google Chrome 10. Safari 5 and Opera 11, while smaller players, are also keeping up the pressure on our top choice.

It seems that this site works best with Google Chrome and Firefox.........

Doug Rucker

Staff member
IE8...downloaded IE 9 the other day and hated it. Had to uninstall it and bacl to IE 8 or is it 7, one of those.


New Member
i heard that a lot of people like the google chrome. Have not used it yet, but going to D/L it today. Going to try it out on the laptop that i carry with me.


New Member
I use Firefox. It has gotten a little bloated and slower with recent releases but the features and add-ons compensate for the slower speed.

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