Long time member, First intro


New Member
Hello Everyone,
I've been reading this forum since 2010 and am really surprised at how everyone get's along and always helps everyone out. I have taken enough notes from here to write my own book and I do appriciate all of it.
A little introduction about me: I am from Central Florida and currently live in Jacksonville, during high school I did quit alot of pressure washing, since reading this forum I can see it has changed alot in the last 14yrs. I am on my way out of the NAVY and am looking to get back into it as a full time job. We recently had twin girls and my wife has been at home the last 2yrs. I think with her working and me focused on residential to start with we will be alright. I would love to say I look forward looking to everyone answering my questions but in this forum they all have been answered.

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