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Hope everyone is well. I was laid off last April and funds are getting tight. Despite having sent out a great deal of resumes I am getting nowhere.

Having said that, I recently purchased a Rigid 3300PSI power washer with a CAT pump. While I could not compete on an industrial / commercial level, I could (or am hoping) that I'd be able to do residential work. Gutters, patios, etc.

For those earning a living at this, are you charging by the hour or by the job, and how much?

Stating the obvious I would assume that I should carry insurance, lest I blow a hole through someone's vinyl siding...

Any input would be greatly appreciated.


Doug Rucker

Staff member
Many thanks - this is very helpful to say the least. Is that minimum for residential, commercial, or both?
Residential only, and it is for jobs within a 10 mile driving distance of my immediate service area....for longer travel distances that charge of course goes up.

Commercial Accounts are a total different ball game....all depends on if they are wanting a one time cleaning or if they are going on maintenance, if I have other clients in their area, scope of work, etc etc....

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