Rinsing with a fire Hose for a Parking Garage.....

For years we have been cleaning with high heat to remove oil from a Parking Garage Cleaning.

For years, many who are unable to hit those temps, say this and that about it. Only recently when others started to buy newer machines. Machines that were custom designed for the higher temperatures of 250 degrees or greater while maintaining the 3,000+ PSI mark with at least 6 GPMs or greater flow. In fact some have hit 250 with 9 GPM's ... outstanding !

We are now seeing others take one of my videos and implemented into their procedures for Parking Garage Cleaning. Using a fire hose to rinse with was going against the grain just a few months ago. Again, a very select few said this was wrong and used huge amount of water thus wasting water. Nothing could be farther from the truth. We found that using a fire hose actually saves water over using multiple pressure washers which required lengthier amounts of time for rinsing. Time that also uses more man power, thus raising your hourly costs for you and your customer when you rinse large areas with multiple pressure washers of 6 to 9 Gallons per minute.




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A customer just called... saw our post.... Meeting with him on Tuesday. Hopefully, we are having a signed contract by Friday next week.



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We've done that before but that doesn't compare to Power washing a garage and you get much less money for that here. Its a viable solution and if they need just a good rinse down thats one of the best ways to do it. I also worked with a guy who has a fire hose trailer setup that works just as good. But once again it falls under just a good rinse. Now incorporate that into your Pressure washing of a garage then that rinse process is a money maker because you do waste so much time just rinsing with Powerwashers.

Good post Jim

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Thanks Jim. I try to be as fair and honest as I can in my responses but guys like yourself are the experts in your chosen fields. My business can swing from Bldg Cleanings, Condo cleanings to house staining all the way over to my favorite types of Cleanings which is Parking garages and guys like yourself are the experts. There's alot to be said for the companies that do pretty much one of type of cleaning like your company does most of the year. Thanks for sharing your expertise freely and a bunch of us are looking forward to what you and a few others are planning in the near future.

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