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I have never washe RV before and shoulnt have took this job,just dont care about it,but i did.This man wants black streaks gone ,what will take them off?He said others tried but couldnt do it.Would limonene do it ,since it does great on aluminum gutters,what kind of precautions should i take???
Thanks a lot
I washed my dads rv with my regular soap it cleaned it but would not take off the black streaks. RV had not been washed in over a year. I took out my Gutter Zap mixed it 50/50 and let it sit a few minutes and got 99% of the black streaks off of it. My dad was jumping up and down man. When he bought that thing it had black streaks on it and thought they would be there forever. One thing I did learn is around the windows are some plastic strips as soom as the water hits them they come flying off its ok they just pop back in.

I have been using Emulsifer from Envirospec on just about everything but it just want touch those black streaks. I use it for Houses, cars, trucks, grease man i use it on everything but Gutter Zap is the way to go on RV.


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<b><font color=green>hmmmm I never used the G.Z before but was wondering,sometimes I get black streaks from the tarps on the grainhaulers and with just reg. washing it doesn't come off,fade alittle but have to brush those out hmmmm what will it do to aluminum or polished metals.

I used to wash for a used RV dealer,I had pretty good luck with Big orange taking them off,if just a few black streaks (under windows and outlets)I used a orange cleaner in a spray can,just spray on wipe off.


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Unfortunately I cleaned and detailed RV's for too long. THe best thing I found and the fastest, is a good adhesive remover. BUT you need to know the surface that you are working on first. Is it the newer fiberglass or the old panels. Just rub it down with the adhesive remover, and follow up with a solvent based wax. Actually alot of times just the solvent based wax would actually remove the black streaks all by itself. We found it was the easiest way to remove them. It doesn't matter what the surface is when using the wax, but it does with the adhesive remover. The adhesive remover will tarnish the vinyl strips and cloud the fiberglass. Why I have no idea. So, if it's fiberglass just use the wax. I learned this the hard way!!!!! You'd be amazed how much a good solvent based wax will remove. Hope this helps!!!
We have cleand many a RV. You can use several different things. We have found that gutter zap is by far the best for us. We brush it on and immediately rinse off. Black streaks gone. Now if you don't have any gutter zap, we have also used crud cutter from home depot. It works well also. Same procedure.
Good luck!
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Old post just kinda jump right in there. Needless to say. Try (PURPLE POWER) buy it at walmart. Spray on straight and let sit for about 1 min and rinse. Great for all aluminum and cheap. Takes the black streaking right off.....

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