Solid stain vs. semi transparent?

Huy guys

I have a customer that has a solid stained deck that has failed twice in the past two years. What should I recommend for her to apply back on the deck after I strip it? I suggested not to use a solid stain, but a semitransparent or a finish and preservative with a toner.
The customer likes the red look of the solid, but not sure if it will last after talking with them about the past experiences. Any advise or experience at this will be appreciated.

Jay Moller
You will probably have a hard time getting the old solid all the way off. I would recoat with solid. If it is failing on them after a year. The surface probably was not prepared right the first time. ( Meaning Cleaned )

Dan Flynn
Flynn Service Pro



Dan took the words right out of my mouth. Most likely, you will have great difficulty preparing the surface well enough to switch to a semi-transparent stain. Odds are the surface was not prepared right the last two times, or maybe it got rained on afterwards.....who knows.

When I clean/strip a deck that had a solid stain, I usually tell the customer that I will probably not be able to get it all off, and that they will have to re-coat with another solid stain. If you do happen to get it all off, then you look like a hero, and they can do whatever they want. Just cover yourself, and dont make any promises you cant keep. You can't afford to spend forever making that deck perfect for a semi-trans. stain.

Mike Hughes
Souderton, PA

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